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Connecticut Bear Practices ‘Synchronized Swimming’ in Backyard Pond in Hilarious Clip

by Lauren Boisvert
(Image Credit: Getty Images)

A bear in Suffield, Connecticut chose to beat the heat in a resident’s backyard pond. In a hilarious video, it even looks like the bear is practicing for a synchronized swimming competition. Or maybe that’s his talent in the local bear pageant. Either way, he looks to be having the time of his life in the pond, and we’re lucky Suffield resident Kim L. Freedman got it all on video.

Freedman lives close to the Deep Brook Harbor North pond and spotted the bear taking a dip earlier this month. “The bear is having a blast!” Freedman told WWLP out of Springfield, Massachusetts. “Many people have said to me it looks like it’s practicing its synchronized swimming.”

In the video, the animal swims, turns, splashes, turns again and swims a little more. It definitely looks to be following some sort of choreography, and it’s fun to imagine a bear in a sparkly one-piece and swimming cap competing for a gold medal in synchronized swimming. All jokes aside, this guy is just having a bath or a daily swim and is also most likely trying to cool off. With heat waves traveling through the United States, even the wildlife has to be creative. Like this fellow Connecticut bear who found a cool covered pool and helped himself.

Bears Do So Much Goofy Stuff, It’s Sometimes Easy to Forget They’re Dangerous

Recently, a man in New York caught a video of a bear scaling the fence of a closed-down prison. Vito Cafagna was driving past Downstate Correctional Facility in Fishkill when he spotted a black bear climbing the perimeter fence. Possibly he saw something good to eat over the fence, or the less likely possibility that one of the other bears on the baseball team hit the ball over the fence and he was tasked with getting it. Honestly, that’s my preferred fantasy for this one.

Additionally, this bear crashed a wedding, knocked over a centerpiece, and then made a quick escape. The people at the neighboring table don’t even get up from their dinner. But, this is a great cautionary tale if you’re planning to have your wedding reception near the woods. Most likely, the animal smelled food and got curious. Another possibility? Jealous ex-bear-friend.

Another bear walking down the street just happened to see a knocked-over traffic cone and decided to set it right-side up again. I have no plausible idea why an animal would do that, other than it just bothered him. Or, he’s the member of the survey crew who has to put all the cones out. Where’s his reflective vest and hardhat? Safety first, after all.

All joking aside yet again, bears are such intelligent and interesting animals, and there’s so much to learn from them by observation. Just make sure you’re observing from far enough away.