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Cow Somehow Gets Stuck on Farm Roof, Then Falls Off

by Caitlin Berard
Dairy Cow in a Field
(Photo by Tony C French via Getty Images)

A Utah farmer received the shock of his life when he ventured into the yard of his father-in-law’s farm to find his cow had somehow found her way onto the roof of a barn.

When Brady Farnsworth caught sight of the badly behaved bovine, he immediately began filming to ensure that the world would believe the seemingly impossible scenario actually happened. “I took the videos because I have not seen a cow on a roof and wanted to show everybody,” he said. “It was something you don’t see every day so I wanted to capture the moment.”

As a lifelong farmer, Farnsworth has seen more than his fair share of strange behavior from the resident livestock. But even Farnsworth found himself doing a double-take when he came upon the moo-sterious scene.

In the unbelievable video, the cow calmly wanders along the roof before starting down the opposite side, disappearing from view. “Where the f–k is she going?” the farmer asks himself aloud, turning the camera off.

In a second clip, Farnsworth shows a portion of the barn roof that appears to reach mere feet from the ground – presumably the spot that allowed the cow to climb onto the roof. The farmer then walks over to the area below where the cow disappeared from his sight. “We didn’t see her come down,” he said.

The Internet Had a Field Day Over Cow’s Barn Roof Adventure

From the marks on the roof, it’s clear the cow attempted to climb down. However, it’s Utah. In January. And the roof of the barn is metal. Unsurprisingly, the snow-covered roof is scored with marks obviously left behind by a sliding farm animal.

Panning around to show the culprit, the cow is back in her pen among her fellow bovines, staring innocently at the farmer like nothing happened. “F—ing cow,” Farnsworth grumbled at his wayward animal.

As the video rapidly circulated the internet, many asked the mischievous cow’s name. According to Farnsworth, however, she doesn’t have one – yet. “The cow is a six-year-old Sim-Angus,” he explained. “She did not have a name but since she is becoming famous I will have to find a suitable name for her.”

“People have said all kinds of things about the video,” the farmer continued. “Most of them want to know how it happened and say how funny it is.”

Many of the responses to the rooftop cow were that of pure amusement. “High steaks were involved,” one user joked. “Got off on the wrong floor,” another laughed.

Meanwhile, others expressed concern for the wandering animal. Though the roof from which the cow fell is low, she still could’ve injured herself in the plunge. “She’s lucky a leg didn’t go through the roof,” one user wrote. “Getting off could have been a disaster for the cow. Broken legs, etc.,” another agreed.