Cowboys Narrowly Avoid Getting Gored by Bull on Rodeo Seesaw: VIDEO

by Amy Myers

Whatever the prize is for getting onto a seesaw with an aggrevated rodeo bull nearby, it’s not enough. Somehow, though, these two men still volunteered for the job.

At a rodeo in Red Rocks, a clown by the name of Jason Dent (otherwise known as Whistle Nut) and another unlucky contender entered the ring and mounted the seesaw. Then came the real star of the show, a young bull with some especially sharp horns.

Clearly the more experienced of the two, Dent swung himself towards the bull and lifted his fellow cowboy into the air and away from the steer’s horns. Just when it seemed that they got a rhythm going, though, Dent began to descend right on the bull, inches away from a good goring. Thankfully, the rodeo clown recovered and quickly got back on the seat before the animal could make its way back to the men.

Soon enough, part of the gate clattered on the ground, offering the bull an exit.

“This could get very interesting,” the announcer said. “I don’t think he’s going to leave because he thinks dinner is in here.”

Watch what happens next.

@meganshorse That was freakin scary, my heart went pitter patter pitter patter. Crazy rodeo, precovid days #rodeo #horsesoftiktok #fyp #rodeotime #4thofjuly #2019 ♬ original sound – Megan

But that’s when Dent had an idea. Angling himself with the downed gate, he waited patiently on the ground and faced off against the bull. Then the animal backed up before plowing forward.

Just in time, Dent jumped off the ground and swung his feet up high. The bull bucked forward and out of the ring, ending the round of rodeo seesaw.

From Rodeo Seesaw to Cowboy Poker

The bubble ball bull racing event is one of many at the annual rodeo in Vernal, Utah, and, not surprisingly, it draws quite a crowd. After all, who wouldn’t want to watch a bunch of brave (or maybe foolish) men and women face off against a bull with only a plastic bubble between them?

The rules of the game are pretty easy to follow. Once in the arena, the competitors will race around the ring in bubble balls for the chance to win $500. Oh yeah, and they’ll want to avoid the pair of horns barrelling towards them.

Typically, you might expect the bull to give a racer or two a lift or throw before moving on to someone else. But for whatever reason, at the Utah rodeo, the steer locked in on one contestant and wouldn’t let up until arena staff stepped in.

As they say, it’s all fun and games until you have a bull horn in your side.

Check it out.

Following the brutal goring, arena staff had to help the woman to her feet as she struggled to stand on her own. After the event, emergency staff transported the woman to a nearby hospital. According to one spectator, the racer had sustained a puncture wound to her abdomen.