WATCH: Coyote Casually Walks Into California Home Through Dog Door

by Samantha Whidden

California residents had an unexpected surprise when a coyote casually walked into their home through their dog’s door. 

While recalling the unusual experience with the coyote, homeowner Julie Levine told local news outlet 22News, “The dogs went crazy, and then I said this happened before with a rat, what else could be out there now?”

The California resident also describes the nearby coyotes as being very brazen. “I mean, to go inside the house like they belong there… We know they can scale fences, but we just didn’t think that they would go through the dog door itself and be in the house.” 

Levine further revealed that her unexpected visitor came just days after a coyote allegedly attacked another family’s dog within the same neighborhood. “The son found it when it happened and pulled the dog out of its mouth,” she explained. 

Coyote Attacked Young Girl At Huntington Beach Earlier This Past Spring

Along with the sightings and visits in the same neighborhood, a young girl was seriously injured with another coyote attacked her at Huntington Beach in Southern California this past spring. Local authorities at the time told SF Gate that the girl was at the beach with her mother near the water just north of the beach’s pier. The incident occurred at 9:45 p.m. The girls as transported to a local hospital with “serious but non-life-threatening injuries.” 

A witness further revealed that they saw the girl covered in blood. Officers on the scene managed to shoot the coyote as well as a second animal. Lt. Toby Archer, a spokesperson of the Huntington Police Department, stated one of the animals died and the other escaped with a bullet wound. “We’re family confident the one that was shot and died is not the one that bit the child. We did shoot the one that bit the child but it scurried off and we didn’t get it into custody. We tracked it to a wetlands area but we lost it there.” 

California Fish & Wildlife Official Says Bites Are Unusual But Not Entirely Out of the Ordinary 

Cpt. Patrick Foy, who works with the California Fish & Wildlife revealed to SF Gate that while coyote bites are unusual, they are not entirely out of the ordinary. 

“We probably have 10 to 15 attacks a year where a coyote bites a human.” Foy shared. “We’ve been seeing more in recent years than in the past. When I started my career 25 years ago, it’s definitely more than that.”

Meanwhile, National Carnivore Conservation Manager for Project Coyote, Michelle Lute disagrees and said the animals biting a human is highly unusual. She noted that the animals may lose their natural fear of humans when people intentionally or unintentionally feed them. This includes leaving out dog food in backyards or not securing trash cans.