Coyote Viciously Devours Squirrel Head-First in Man’s Backyard: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard

You can just be sitting and enjoying the day when the outdoors makes its way into your life. This coyote interrupted lunch for one family. The video shows a wild canine coming up with a great meal for itself. A nice black squirrel! Unfortunately, the coyote didn’t ask anyone about being invited over for the delicious meal.

Even in the nice mowed lawns of your neighborhood, something like this could happen in an instant. Coyotes are very sly and pounce when prey least expect it. Honestly, the fact that this predator scored a little squirrel in this manner is impressive. Those things aren’t easy to catch, even if you’re a dog. Check out the video below shared by Nature Is Metal on Instagram.

“Not only did this coyote show up to lunch uninvited, he brought his own food,” the capiton reads. “Manners are lost on this new generation, back in my day a coyote would ask before he devoured a neighborhood squirrel head first on my freshly cut grass. Now it’s just a free for all.”

This coyote really was savage. But, it also knows what will lead to fewer scratches on its face and eyes. Munching down on that little head and the whole event was over fairly quickly. When the beast laid down and settled into the meal, that’s when you knew the ugly part was through.

No matter where you live in the United States, there are likely coyotes in the area. So, be on the lookout. While they will likely keep to devouring wildlife, it’s always important to keep an eye on your beloved pets.

When more than one coyote gets together, that’s when they get truly fearless. They’ll go after anything.

Coyotes Threaten Bear Cub

Wildlife is wild. There’s no doubt about it. Just when you think you have seen or heard everything, something else pops up. Even apex predators aren’t so apex at times. It depends on whether or not babies are involved, too. Another viral video showed what happens when coyotes spot a bear cub in the wild. They go after it.

Momma bear had to go in full-on defense mode. She did what any smart bear would do, she put her baby at the top of a tree and then waited it out. In the video that you can watch here, the coyotes come at the base of the tree. It was apparently one of many attempts at the cub. Quick thinking on the momma bear’s part made sure that both of them made it out alright and the coyotes had to move on to the next thing.

It’s just how nature is. There’s violence and lots of interactions just like this. The fewer coyote sightings I personally have, the better. That goes for my chickens and goats too. Go eat all the squirrels you want, leave us be.