Crazy Footage Captures Moment Wild Python Eats Guinea Pigs Inside Their Cage

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by kuritafsheen via Getty Images)

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a large, vibrant city known for its electrifying nightlife, street life, and endless collection of cultural and historical landmarks. It also holds a vast and fascinating wildlife population – in fact, Thailand is home to more than 10% of the world’s animals.

In addition to its nearly 70 million humans, Thailand houses over 285 mammal species and 925 species of birds. Elephants, sun bears, otters, and monkeys all roam the lands and waters of the Asian country. But along with the countless beloved members of the animal kingdom, Thailand’s lush landscape also supports some of its most feared.

Over 350 species of reptiles live throughout the country, ranging from the pint-sized and harmless cat gecko all the way to the reticulated python, the largest snake in the world.

Now, reticulated pythons aren’t typically aggressive, nor do they attack humans by nature (although attacks can and do happen occasionally). That said, when you live in Thailand, it’s always best to protect yourself and your pets from a potential python encounter.

Stretching over 16 feet in length and capable of producing a squeezing force strong enough to kill a fully grown human, reticulated pythons will make a meal out of just about anything. Chickens, monkeys, wild boar, birds, fish, you name it.

With that in mind, as heartbreaking as the experience was for Thailand resident Kessaraporn Boonk, it’s not at all surprising that a massive python saw her pet guinea pigs in their outdoor cages and assumed it was an all-you-can-eat buffet. The snake killed at least two of his precious rodents before he could stop it, as he explained while filming the aftermath.

Thailand Python Kills At Least Two Pet Guinea Pigs

It happened late last week. Kessaraporn Boonk was sound asleep when he was awoken by an unfamiliar sound coming from his animal enclosures. Believing it was just his guinea pigs and other animals at play, he went back to sleep. In the morning, however, he realized he couldn’t have been more wrong.

As he approached his three guinea pig cages, the rodents in the left and right enclosures were cowering in fear, as far from the middle cage as they could possibly get. Because resting in the center of the cage were two dead guinea pigs, their bodies encased protectively by a 10-foot python.

Sadly, the python had slithered its way through the grate of the cage late at night, coiling itself around the guinea pigs inside until they were dead. “I have been hearing strange sounds at the back of the house,” Boonk explained. “When I went out to feed my guinea pigs, two of them have died with a snake inside.”

Thankfully, a snake expert was able to carefully remove the python from the guinea pig cage before transporting and freeing it in a forest away from residential areas. “I could not remove the python on my own because it was aggressive,” the guinea pig owner said. “It tried to bite me while I was filming it.”

After giving his deceased guinea pigs a proper burial, Boonk plans to python-proof the cages of his remaining rodents. “I buried my guinea pigs in the backyard,” Boonk added. “I will have to build a net around the cages to prevent snakes from attacking them again.”