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Crazy Man Tickles Nile Crocodile In Wild Video

by Brett Stayton
Crocodile Looks Like Its Laughing
Photo by Jami Tarris/Getty Images

Not sure who the first guy was to figure out that Nile Crocodiles are apparently ticklish, but that sounds like an absolutely terrifying hypothesis to test. A recent video of a guy named Wild Charles tickling a gigantic crocodile has gone quite viral online.

The video was reportedly taken at the Croc World Conservation Centre in South Africa. As Wild Charles sneaks in for some silly little tickle time, the croc rears back its massive jaws and reminds viewers that it’s one of the most powerful and deadly animals on the planet. Even if it is as ticklish as a silly little goose. Hop over to Wild Charles’s Facebook page to check out the video.

Buffalo Out Muscles Crocodile To Survive Intense Attack

The fearlessness it takes to try to tickle an animal like that is even more impressive when you really take into account the strength and power of crocodiles.

In what just might be the most intense game of tug-of-war ever caught on camera. This buffalo and crocodile were recently struggling for life and death. It took place on the Sabi Sabi Reserve in the Greater Kruger area of South Africa. The powerful bovine ultimately out muscles the killer reptile and escapes with its life. Not sure the big buff is going to ever be able to smell anything again though. The croc’s teeth sunk into its nose as it pulls away with the full strength of its weight.

Eventually, the buffalo pulls the crocodile out of the water where it is finally able to pull away from its jaws. The rest of the herd stays with the buffalo throughout the duration of the fight, and it looks like the threat of catching a horn from a nearby buffalo may have caused the crocodile to relinquish its grip.

The Buffalo, Crocodile Video Has Already Gone Massively Viral Online

The video was first shared by Latest Sightings. It’s one of the best digital media sources for wildlife content from Africa. Their YouTube channel has more than 3 million subscribers. The absolutely wild footage of the buffalo dragging the crocodile onto shore has almost 8 million views in just 9 days. It has also gone heavily viral on social media. It was first recorded by Dr. Marc DeBerardini.

“As the buffaloes began drinking, the eruption took place at the front of the herd. A crocodile had latched onto the snout of an adult female that was drinking. I sat there in disbelief and amazement. The buffalo let out a deep bellow that echoed through the surrounding bush. The rest of the herd watched in shock. The battle continued with the buffalo trying to free itself and the crocodile holding on with all its bodily fibers. In the end, the buffalo broke loose, and the crocodile retreated back to the safety of the water. Buffalo – 1, crocodile – 0.