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Crazy Video Shows Great White Shark Leaping Out Of The Water

by Brett Stayton
Great White Shark Swims Through Deep Blue Sea
Photo by Alejandro Jinich Diamant/Getty Images

Recent video footage shared by White Shark Ocean on Facebook provides an absolutely incredible look at the raw power and majesty of a badass Great White Shark. Great White Sharks are the biggest, baddest animal in the deep blue sea.

The camera work from this video is absolutely incredible though. The steadiness and focus in such close proximity arguably the most powerful animal on Earth is Something To Be Proud Of. Not a lot of context for the video is provided. The shark flies through the air for only a few quick seconds. The shark flexes its razor-sharp teeth only very briefly. Then in the blink of an eye, it submerges back below the water and continues swimming along like business as usual. What an incredible beast. Just an absolute unit. In awe at the size of that lad.

Ongoing Research On Great White Sharks To Continue

OCEARCH is a global non-profit organization that conducts revolutionary research focused on restoring ecological balance to the world’s oceans. Their team of scientists collects unprecedented amounts of data that is strategically applied to drive innovations in critical scientific research, education, outreach, and policy using unique collaborations of individuals and organizations in the U.S. and abroad.

Founded in 2007, their team includes more than 200 scientists that work together as a cohesive unit to conduct some of the most innovative projects the world has ever seen. Since its inception of OCEARCH, the organization has successfully tagged and tracked over 400 great white and other marine animals over the course of 43 daring expeditions, collecting data invaluable to the longevity of the species and the health of aquatic ecosystems as a whole.

Some of the sharks that the OCEARCH team monitors range from coast to coast, from the waters west of California all the way to the Bay Area of Maryland near our Nation’s Capitol. They are currently monitoring sharks all over the world though and will continue to do so moving forward.