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Crocodile Tries to Take Down Deer, but It Pulls a Houdini and Escapes

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by EZEQUIEL BECERRA/AFP via Getty Images)

Their wide eyes and fuzzy tail may have you fooled, but deer are smarter than most humans believe. A video recently went viral on Twitter that captures a deer drinking water from a murky pool of water before a hungry crocodile launches an attack. The crocodile bursts out of the water at an unimaginable speed. However, the deer, miraculously, pulls a Houdini and escapes the literal jaws of death. Check it out. 

From the moment the video begins, it’s easy to see the deer is expecting danger. The gentle creature hesitatingly lowers its head to drink, stretching its neck as far as it can so as not to come too close to the water. As the animal drinks, we can see its leg muscles are tense, ready to take off at a moment’s notice. Fortunately, the deer’s prepareness paid off. As the crocodile comes barreling out of the water, jaws agape, the deer pounces away from the shoreline. Launching itself into the air and pulling its hooves away from the crocodile’s mouth, the animal effortlessly flies through the air, clearing the ground by several feet before making its escape. 

Since it was posted to the social media site, the clip has been viewed more than 19,000 times. Viewers, impressed by the deer’s reflexes, flocked to the comments. 

“Mindblowing,” one viewer wrote. Another added, “Don’t think any human can match this speed of reflex. A third user complimented the videographer for capturing the deer’s miraculous escape from the crocodile. 

“Awesome capture,” they wrote. “Worthy of clip of the year.” 

8-Year-Old Boy Killed in Crocodile Attack 

An 8-year-old boy suffered a brutal death in Costa Rica last month after he was attacked by a crocodile as his family looked on. Weeks after his death, the crocodile believed to have eaten the young boy was killed. 

On October 30th, 8-year-old Julio Otero Fernández was playing in the Matina River in his hometown of Limón when he was attacked by a crocodile. Fernández had been enjoying a fishing trip with his family, accompanied by his parents, four siblings, and other family members when the attack occurred. 

Witnesses to the attack state the croc decapitated the boy before dragging the rest of his body into the water. Bystanders didn’t even have the opportunity to rescue him. 

One person reflected on the horrific scene. 

“[The crocodile] shook him (the child) and ripped off his little head,” they said. “Then it grabbed him again and dragged him under.”

The boy’s father also reflected on the horror of the crocodile attack.

“The hardest thing for my wife was seeing the crocodile float away with my son’s body,” said Don Julio Otero. Per his account, the crocodile resurged over an hour later, still clasping the little boy’s body in its jaws. 

Later, the crocodile was found dead, with human bones and hair located within its stomach. Otero’s grieving parents await DNA testing to see whether the remains actually belong to their son.