Curious Bear Tries to Hang Out With Hunter in His Blind

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by: Ron Reznick/VW Pics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Recently, one hunter got the shock of their life when a curious black bear popped into the hunting blind, curious about what was inside. The entire moment was caught on video. From the moment the wild woodland animal caught sight of the blind, to the moment it pokes its curious head inside.

This Hunter Has An Unusual Experience As The Curious Bear Tries To Join Him Inside The Blind

Bears may be apex predators out in the wild. However, they are still curious creatures as well. Sure, it’s always a smart move to stay away from the large fuzzy animals when they meander onto human territory. Bears are certainly fierce fighters who can be triggered to attack at any moment. However, sometimes these bears are looking around for snacks when they move into human territory. You know, the good stuff consisting of the rich food humans tend to leave behind.

Other times, the bears are just being curious…wanting to catch up and see what is going on. It gets extra confusing for the animals when humans show up in their area. Such as the time this bear came upon a hunter concealed in a hunting blind. And this bear thought that it would be a good time to join the hunter in the blind as the hilarious video clip shows.

The Curious Animal Pokes Its Head Inside, Just Before Fleeing Back Into The Woods

The hunter caught the wild moment from inside the hunting blind as he sat in the wilderness on a hunting trip. It seems important to note here that the man wasn’t hunting bears during this hunting event. As the jaw-dropping clip begins we see the big bear heading in his direction, the animal’s eyes locked on the blind. A frightening sight for anyone, no doubt!

The massive visitor sticks its head through the blinds’ opening. However, it soon decided the best place to be is back in the woods. Doing what bears do best in the wild. Of course, this also left the lucky hunter with one wild story to share.

Thankfully, this hunter was able to catch the crazy moment on video while staying perfectly still. It’s a wise move the hunter made to avoid alerting the massive animal of his presence. The last thing this hunter would have wanted to do was surprise the curious bear as it approached the blind. Surprising a bear who is getting too close for comfort isn’t a very wise idea!