Curious Deer Prevents Mail Carrier From Delivering Letter in Hilarious Clip

by Amy Myers

While most animal encounters end in horrible accidents, it’s nice to see one that doesn’t result in any trauma for either species involved. In this instance, the sweet interaction between a mail woman and a curious deer only exchanged pleasantries before going their separate ways, restoring faith that some humans can safely coexist with animals.

The incident occurred in a Minnesota neighborhood while a mailwoman was making her rounds in the snow. With a letter in hand, Fanjie Nelson continued up the walkway to the Duluth home when a nosy bystander decided to step in. Nelson stood face-to-face with a whitetail doe that was intent on finding out what this woman was doing.

Naturally, Nelson recorded her conversation with the gentle creature, asking the deer if the letter was for her.

In the adorably comical clip, you can hear the good-natured mail carrier say, “You can have it, no? Take my mail. You have it. You live here, right? Isn’t this your house? Take it, what’s your name?”

Slowly, the doe makes her way back towards the house, reluctantly considering hopping through the snout-high snow.

“You are on the porch now, watch out,” she told the meandering doe. “What are you doing?”

As the mail carrier follows the deer, she pans her phone to another doe standing in the yard. Finally, the more adventurous of the two females decides she has seen enough and saunters off through the snow.

“Did you live here or not? That’s what I thought,” Nelson joked.

Upon posting the video, the mail carrier captioned the sweet moment, “Another great day of delivering mail in the Northland!” 

Fellow Deer Tries to Understand Voice Behind Doorbell

In another victimless interaction with a curious deer, a woman caught a big-eared trespasser munching on the bushes outside her front door. Through her video doorbell, she called out to the doe.

“Hey! What are you doing?” she said.

Immediately, the deer perks up and looks around for the source of the sound.

According to the homeowner, she and her husband had a previous run-in with a bear that was making its way through the neighborhood. So when they found a hooved visitor in their front yard, it was a pleasant surprise.

“What are you doing?” the woman continued. “Are you eating my bushes? Are you eating my bushes? Okay, good morning. Just eat those bushes.”

As the woman speaks, the doe’s ears twitch back and forth, trying to comprehend if she needed to flee. But the woman didn’t seem to mind that the animal was finding its breakfast in her front yard.

“Don’t eat the trees; only eat those bushes,” she told the animal.

In return, the doe seemed pretty happy with this arrangement, chewing calmly on the leaves she pulled from the shrubbery before strolling away.