Deaf Dog Falls Down 100-Foot Cliff, Gets Rescued in Shocking Video

by Emily Morgan

First responders in California recently rescued a deaf dog after it fell 100 feet down a ravine. The fall happened near the dog’s family’s property.

In a Facebook post, the San Diego Humane Society said that an officer responded to a call Monday when an Australian shepherd, known as Hobo, fell down the ravine. He reportedly fell while a fence was being constructed near his family’s home.

“Thanks to our Emergency Response Team (ERT), a sweet deaf dog is safe at home after a frightening fall on Monday afternoon,” the Human Society wrote online after the heartfelt rescue.

According to the organization, someone from the humane society tried to reach the pup. However, they had to call for help from the humane society’s Emergency Response Team.

“Members of the ERT Technical Response Unit rushed to the scene, setting up safety lines to rappel down the steep terrain. Five team members were required to cut the dog free from brush with a saw before securing him for the climb up,” the humane society’s Facebook post said.

Fortunately, Hobo was reunited with his family at the end of the four-hour rescue mission.

According to many veterinarians, dogs aren’t always as balanced as we humans might think. Even though they have four feet instead of two, it only takes one stumble to send a dog tumbling. Canines that fall from heights can suffer various injuries, including sprains, broken bones, head trauma, and chest or abdominal injuries. In addition, small dogs can suffer the same degree of damage by falling from much smaller distances. For instance, toy breeds such as dachshunds have been known to break their legs when simply jumping from the couch.

Proper puppy etiquette for the trails

If you plan on hitting the trails with your four-legged friend, it’s also essential to ensure your dog’s safety. First, it’s vital to make sure that you know any rules and regulations on a hiking trail. Be mindful of areas that prohibit dogs and be respectful of an area’s regulations.

In addition, always keep your dog leashed whenever required. Moreso, it’s also courteous to keep them leashed if you know it will be crowded on the trails. Pro tip: check out the parking lot activity if you’re unsure how busy the area is. If it’s really bustling, keep your fur baby leashed at all times. Even if you trust your dog will listen to your commands, it’s important to keep them leashed as you don’t know the behavior of other dogs.

In addition, you can consider opting for a harness instead of your typical collar, as this will give you more control over them.