Deer Breaks Into Pennsylvania Mall, Scrambles Through JCPenney

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Some Pennsylvania mall shoppers got quite the shock the other day when an unusual patron crashed through the popular shopping center.

A Lancaster, Pennsylvania shopping center faced temporary closures recently when a deer can crashing through the famous department store, JC Penney. The department store was closed down temporarily as the wild animal wandered through the clothing racks and various departments. According to witnesses in the department store at the time that the animal stepped into the store, the deer wandered about before making its way into a JC Penney dressing room.

The Wandering Deer Entered The Pennsylvania Mall Through A Door That Sits Near A Restaurant And JC Penney

Some employees at one of the Park City Center’s restaurants, Qdoba, one of the mall’s many eateries witnessed the deer’s entrance into the shopping center. These employees report that the deer entered into the mall through a door near the JCPenney entrance.

The deer entered the department store, shocking shoppers and mall employees alike as it made its way through the displays. The deer eventually found itself inside one of the JC Penney dressing rooms. Although, we are fairly certain this deer’s trip into the JC Penney dressing rooms had little to do with trying on the latest winter fashions!

The Wild Animal Was Banging On The Glass When The Automatic Doors Opened, Witnesses Note

According to shoppers who were on the scene when the deer entered the mall, the animal fled into the shopping center out of fear. It was clearly unaware of what was on the other side of the doors, the witnesses noted.

“He definitely wasn’t planning on going into the mall,” notes one shopper Janelle Kiscaddin. Kiscaddin adds that she nor her friend, Brittany Kreiser, could believe their eyes when they saw the deer wandering outside the mall that day. The shopper remembers how the deer saw a pedestrian and fled toward the shopping center out of fear.

“He saw a man and it scared him,” Kiscaddin says.

“He was banging his head on the glass trying to get in,” the witness recounts. “And then the door [automatically] opened.”

Mall officials contacted the Pennsylvania Game Commission in response to the unusual patron. The experts arrived to escort the deer back outside as the JCPenney department store locked its doors for the rest of the day. However, those present note that the officials shot the deer when responding to the call. Whether this shot came from a tranquilizer gun or a shotgun is not immediately clear.