Deer Crashes Through Door of Beverly Hills Pet Store, Causes Chaos

by Craig Garrett
Urban fallow deer - Dama dama - stock photo

A deer looking for some good deals was recently seen sprinting through the aisles of Premier Pet Supply in Beverly Hills, Michigan. The scene created quite a commotion as the deer ran around for three minutes before darting back outside. At around 12:45 p.m. on Tuesday, store owner Mike Palmer heard a commotion coming from the back office and people yelling that there was a deer inside. At first, he thought it was a joke.

“I ran out there and saw the deer run literally 2 feet in front of me and it was really startling,” Palmer told the Detroit Free Press. “And honestly, it’s one of those scenarios, I’ve been doing this for 30 years. I can pretty much handle any situation that’s happened. … I had no idea how to handle that situation. It was absolutely crazy.”

Palmer observed the deer to be both frazzled and scared as it ran throughout the store, which is 10,000 square feet in size. The deer was looking for an exit but instead caused some damage by knocking over boxes and ruining dog food. Despite this, there were no injuries or serious damage done to the store. Footage of the incident was shared on Instagram.

The incident with the deer seemed to take forever, but only lasted 3 minutes

Three minutes seemed like an eternity to Palmer as the deer fumbled around in front of the store, then tried and failed to jump through a window. A Good Samaritan nearby helped by using their shopping cart to nudge it out the door. The animal made a run for it across Southfield Road (narrowly avoiding being hit by a car) before disappearing into a park.

“It was a scary situation because you don’t know if he’s gonna go in attack mode and defense mode, just to protect itself, which is expected, but we also wanted to just safely corral it outside and didn’t really know how to do that,” Palmer explained. “[The deer] was as scared as we were.”

Palmer remarked that they had gotten lucky this time. Usually, customers will bring in their dogs, which could have made the situation much worse. But thankfully, none of the customers brought their pets that day.

“There was just disbelief and shock,” Palmer recalled. “It seemed like 15 minutes but it happened in less than three minutes.” However, the deer made for a memorable experience. “But I mean, once it got out, we all laughed about it for a long time and everybody’s still talking about it.”

Deer can actually get more active this time of year due to a number of factors. There were actually many break-ins of this type a few years ago in Mississippi. Chad Dacus is the Bureau Chief of the Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks. He explained that deer are often found in urban areas because they don’t need much space to live. They’re also not solely interested in air conditioning as many people believe. Instead, they simply relocate to where new neighborhoods form.