Deer Falls Off the Side of a Mountain in Horrifying Clip

by Lauren Boisvert

In a horrifying clip from YouTube, someone in the mountains caught a video of a deer plummeting from the side of a cliff. The animal slips off of the side of the sheer cliff and tumbles down the mountain. It hits rocks on the way and turns end over end. Finally, it splashes down in a lake below. It is currently unknown how the deer fell, but most likely it just slipped off the cliff edge and couldn’t regain its footing. Also unknown is where this video takes place. Additionally, there’s a high probability that the deer did not survive the fall.

Colorado Deer Jumps into Traffic, Causes Deadly Crash

A deer in Colorado jumped into traffic on a major interstate on Friday, August 19, causing a deadly crash. One car swerved off the road and rolled into a ditch to avoid hitting the animal. The driver died, and another person in the car obtained serious injuries.

This is an issue that should be taken seriously by all drivers in heavily deer-populated areas. What do you do if a deer jumps into the road? First of all, it’s not a good idea to swerve out of the way. This endangers yourself and others on the road. According to Out There Colorado, drivers should honk their horns in an attempt to scare the animal while also braking safely. Slamming on the brakes at high speeds can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle. This creates a more dangerous situation.

The hope is, that the deer will be scared off by the sound of the horn and exit the roadway. Drivers can then continue on their way. But, what do you do if you accidentally hit a deer? These animals are unpredictable, and can sometimes jump out of the bushes or treeline next to roads and interstates. This can surprise drivers to the point where they can’t stop in time, and hit the deer.

What Do You Do if You Get Into an Accident With an Animal?

If you accidentally hit a deer with your car, it’s important to stop the vehicle in a safe location and make sure you’re okay. Especially if you’re driving at high speeds, make sure you haven’t been injured in the accident. If all is well, it’s time to check on the animal. According to Hearts Afire Deer Rehabilitation and Rescue in Wills Point, Texas, most deer that are hit by cars do not survive. But in some cases, they are incapacitated or dazed but alive.

You should report the accident like a regular car crash by calling 911, and then check to see if the deer is alive or dead if the situation is safe for you to do so. If the deer is limping or dragging its leg, it most likely has a spinal injury and must be euthanized. With some cuts and bruises, a rehabilitation center can aid in the deer’s healing and release it back into the wild.