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Deer Filmed Playing in California Surf in Rare Moment Caught on Camera

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ Marina Poushkina / 500px)

Traditionally, deer don’t seem to mind the cold. That’s probably why these playful California deer are just fine playing in the chilly California surf waters.

It’s an unusual sight, that’s for sure. All as a group of deer hand out along California’s Monterey Peninsula recently, caught on video as they enjoy some time strolling along the beach and playing in the surf.

The Rare Footage Shows The Playful Deer Frolicking In The Chilly December Surf Near Pebble Beach

Sure, it’s not uncommon to see deer prancing and running about in the Monteray California area. However, it’s quite unusual to see these normally skittish animals running along the beach while splashing and playing in the surf.

The recently captured footage, available here, features a clip of several deer as they run toward the water in small groups. First, we see three or four of the animals run toward the ocean’s edge. However, following close behind are even more of the animals, each one hoping to get a little frolicking in while the beach is empty for the season. The deer emerge from the dunes and grassy hills, running along the sand and dipping themselves into the chilly ocean water.

Some Of The Playful Animals Are Chasing The Waves, Playing With the Chilly Surf As It Advances and then Recedes

The deer are all running about the beach, enjoying the sand and the water on the dreary winter day. This is likely the ideal beach day for these animals. Deer aren’t necessarily the type of animals to shoot for laying on the beach, soaking up the summer sun!

The chilly temps, greyer skies, and the emptiness these conditions bring to the beaches make for a perfect day for these deer to hit the surf and play in the waves. In fact, a few of these playful animals go further in than others. Chasing the waves as they advance onto the beach and then recede back towards the Pacific.

“I’ve lived here my entire life,” notes Liz Selbicky who captured the unique sight. “[But]I’ve never seen deer frolic through the ocean like this.”

According to Selbicky, she was getting ready to hit the chilly waves herself. She had set out, ready to surf the Pebble Beach area near Spanish Bay when she caught a glimpse of the unique moment. She stopped in her tracks when she noticed a family of deer dart across from the infamous golf course and onto the beach.

“The younger deer appear to be playing in the water,” the woman notes. “As the buck seems to try and get them to move along.”

It seems 52 degrees in the water is just fine for both the hardcore surgery like Selbicky as well as the Monterey area deer!