Deer Jumps Clean Over Moving Car in Insane Dashcam Video

by Megan Molseed

Anyone who lives in an area populated by deer knows well that this time of year can be dicey when it comes to running into one of the wild animals on the highways. However, one Michigan driver decidedly lucked out in this scenario when neither the car nor the deer ran into each other when the hasty animal entered a busy highway.

Instead, the deer opted to show off its astounding skills jumping clean over the car as it drives. And, a Michigan State Police trooper was right behind as this jaw-dropping moment unfolded catching it all on video!

One Deer Shows Off Impressive Skills – Jumping Clean Over A Moving Vehicle

A Michigan State Trooper was following traffic in Southfield Michigan recently when he caught something impressive on video.

The first day of fall officially hit on Thursday, September 22 and one Michigan family of deer showed just how prevalent they are as crops are being collected heading into the winter. However, in doing so this family of deer very narrowly escaped being hit by a car … and the Michigan Officer.

A small herd of deer jumped into traffic the other day as Michigan State Trooper Anderson was driving behind traffic. Thankfully, the first deer clears a vehicle with little to no problems. Only a quick scare to the driver, no doubt.

However, the second animal nearly ran straight into a moving vehicle. Well, if it wasn’t for some impressive skills! In an instant, the brave deer catches air, gliding gracefully over the vehicle as it continues along the highway. It’s a moment that lasts just a second or two, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

‘Tis The Season For Deer Traffic On Our Highways

As the video continues, we are barely over the impressively graceful moment Trooper Anderson caught on the dashboard camera before things get tense once more. A third deer runs behind the car that the first one has just cleared with its impressive moves. However, trained in this sort of thing, the officer calmly applies the breaks. This allows the wild animal to continue its journey across the road.

A third deer ran behind the car and just in front of the trooper, who quickly but calmly put his brakes on to let the deer continue running across the road. This impressive scene is likely one in a million – or more. However, we can certainly expect more deer to appear on our roads as the autumn season continues. These sightings are especially dangerous at dusk and dawn when drivers already have a hard time seeing movements off to the sides of the roads.