Deer Stages Break-In to Georgia Police Chief’s Office

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/C Wildlife / 500px)

Oh, “deer!” One Georgia Police Chief’s office had a major shock recently facing a very unusual breaking-and-entering suspect. The officials were left wondering just what, exactly, they need to do after a wandering deer came crashing through the office’s window.

According to the reports, the deer crashed into the Hinesville Georgia Police Chief’s office earlier this week. Hinesville Police Chief Lloyd Slater says that the wild visit came during the day on Monday. The deer was shocked by what happened and clearly confused by the events. Eventually, the deer tried to take off after crashing through the window. The animal found its way into the office’s conference room.

The deer suffered significant injuries in the form of cuts from crashing through the window. The confused and injured wild animal was later cornered in the conference room where it was eventually put down.

There Was No Contingency Plan For This Deer’s Disastorously Surprise Visit

In a statement following the wild incident, the Hinesville, Georgia police chief Lloyd Slater notes that while he has seen his share of crazy events, nothing has prepared him for this deer break-in. The police chief notes the officers are more focused on what’s happening out in the field than what may happen inside the headquarters.

“As long as I’ve been here, we’ve seen a number of things,” notes Chief Lloyd Slater.

The police chief adds that the Hinesville police department works hard to consider all scenarios when coming up with contingency plans. However, this was one scenario the officers had never considered.

“We try to prepare for every contingency that happens out there,” Chief Slater says. “But we certainly didn’t prepare for this.”

There Is A Lot Of Paperwork That Comes With An Unexpected Deer Break In

According to Chief Slater, the deer left quite a mess behind from its break-in. And it would take more than his law enforcement crew to get things back to normal.

“We’re going to have to get some professionals in here to do some professional clean up in here,” the Hinesville Georgia Police Chief notes. And, Slater says, a lot of paperwork comes with an incident such as this one. There is likely no set stack of paperwork for this specific event. According to Slater, he will be spending quite a bit of time “sorting through the massive paperwork that apparently I’m left with that this point in time.”

However, it is very good news as no one besides the wandering deer was injured in the incident, Slater notes.