Deer’s Surprised Reaction to Woman Speaking Through Ring Doorbell Camera Goes Viral

by Chris Haney

Recently, footage from a Ring Doorbell camera that shows a woman’s interaction with a deer grazing in her front yard has gone viral online. The feel-good moment was captured at the homeowner’s property in Indiana, Pennsylvania while she and her husband were out of town.

While on a recent trip, the unnamed homeowner got a Ring alert on their phone. Upon looking at the camera, the woman saw a deer having a meal in their garden. The doe is eating leaves from the homeowners’ bushes in a tranquil setting with birds chirping in the background. Then, the woman speaks to the animal through the Ring camera as she startles the deer.

“Hey! What are you doing?” the woman says sweetly to the deer as it looks around confused.

The deer stands its ground as it searches for the voice. The animal is clearly baffled by the woman speaking to it since no one is around.

“What are you doing?” the woman asks again. “Are you eating my bushes? Are you eating my bushes? Okay, good morning. Just eat those bushes.”

As the homeowner continues to speak to the deer, the animal’s ears turn backwards as it reacts to her voice. At one point, the doe starts to move forward towards the sound of her voice coming through the Ring camera. The woman attempts to reassure the animal as she says, “Hi! Hi! It’s okay.”

However, her husband chimed in as a man’s voice can be heard saying, “Don’t eat my trees.”

“Only eat those bushes. Bye bye!” the woman says.

Whether the man’s lower voice startled the doe even more, or the deer had taken all the confusion it could, it decided to trot off seconds later.

“That was so cute,” the woman says as their interaction came to an end.

Homeowner Shares More About Viral Deer Video Caught on Ring Camera

After the recording started to go viral on social media, Ring spoke to the woman about her long distance interaction with the deer. She explained that they frequently see the animals in their yard. She likes to talk to them, but her husband usually tries to chase them away.

“We often have deer in our yard,” the woman told Ring, according to Newsweek. “It is normal for them to roam around our neighborhood. My husband is always chasing them away, I talk to them. We do come face to face with them and they just stare at us unless we move toward them. We were out of town when this video was captured.”

Evidently the family has had other unwanted visitors in their yard in recent history as well. The homeowner shared that when she first got the Ring alert, she expected to see a large bear that’s been roaming their neighborhood.

“We had a large bear wandering the neighborhood,” she said. “The first we noticed the bear was when we were out of town and our Ring Doorbell caught him walking by our front door. It was huge and we alerted our daughter (at the house) immediately that a bear came through the yard.”

“So, when I got the Ring notification for this deer clip, I was afraid it was the bear again,” she added. “I was so relieved that it was just a deer that I happily started chatting with it. At that point, I could care less about deer coming into the yard, I just didn’t want to see the bear again.”