‘Disoriented’ Brown Bear Led Back to Mountains After Getting Lost in City: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

A disoriented brown bear caused quite a stir for Spanish officials recently. This happened when the bear became disoriented in the area. Eventually wandering out into the busy streets of the city center in the north-western region of Castilla y León. The confused animal was spotted by a taxi driver in the early pre-dawn hours.

Spanish Officials Guide Lost Bear Away From The City And Back Into The Mountains

Officials quickly came to the aid of the brown bear shortly after the call came in. The police who responded to the event believe that the bear was on the hunt for acorns when it lost its way. Eventually hitting the busy city streets under the cloak of darkness.

The disoriented wild animal was spotted wandering the streets of Ponferrada in the early hours on Tuesday, October 11. The taxi driver who spotted the visitor filmed the bear during the event. Capturing the moments as it wandered throughout the city, The driver can be heard in the clip exclaiming about the uniqueness of the sight.

According to the tweet, which is written in Spanish, officials found the bear near the river. Once found, the officials stepped in to help, guiding the wayward animal into the mountains. The Guardian’s report further translates the message noting that the police wrote that earlier in the day “a taxi driver alerted us to the presence of a bear in the [center] of the city, which he filmed.”

The officials continue in the post noting that the responding officers found the bear near an area river. They then guided the wandering animal towards the Pajariel mountain. The officials added that the bears tend to be careful of people. They are very likely just as worried about the people as the people are about the bear. However, it is still advised that those spotting a wild animal such as this one exercise extreme caution.

“Although these animals get jumpy around people, we advise maximum care be taken,” the message warns.

Experts Note This Video Is No Cause For Alarm

Officials from the Fundación Oso Pardo (Brown Bear Foundation) are quick to note that there is no cause for residents to be alarmed after this sighting. Despite the popularity of this Twitter video.

“The video filmed by a taxi-driver that the Ponferrada municipal police have posted on Twitter is proving very popular,” notes a statement from the foundation.

“Everything suggests this was a bear headed for a nearby mountain to eat acorns (which is what all bears are doing as winter approaches), who got disoriented,” the message continues. However, officials will continue to investigate the incident. Looking at whether or not there could have been another cause for the animal’s unexpected visit.