Diver Remains Totally Calm as Tiger Shark Prowls Close by in Heart-Pounding Encounter

by Jonathan Howard

There are people out there with nerves of steel. It’s honestly a superpower in many ways. This diver was cool as a sea cucumber as a tiger shark swam by. The great outdoors isn’t limited to woods and trees. When you’re in the business of filming and taking pictures of aquatic life, you’re gonna have to swim with the fishes. That includes the sharks.

While you couldn’t pay most people enough money to take a free dive with a beast like a tiger shark, Josh Munoz is just built different. No cage, no nothing. Just out in the natural habitat of one of the world’s oldest and most feared predators.

For those that like sharks, there might not be a better place than Honolulu, Hawaii for watching and observing the giant predators. Munoz was underwater, just near the surface in a big landscape of murky blue. The giant fish swam by and didn’t pay any attention.

Along with a friend, Sava, Munoz captured some great footage. It even included a moment when the tiger shark almost brushed against the diver. He then puts his arm out to guide the animal away. Thankfully, it cooperated.

“My friends and I were diving in Hawaii and had a few tiger sharks that came close to check us out,” Josh said, via The Sun. “The water was nice and clear and just as the shark approved my friend, Savea, the clouds parted and it lit up the underwater light just perfectly.

“After the shark passed Sava, she came close to me for a slight redirect and then back down into the blue.”

What an incredible moment. Like being suspended 1,000 feet in the air with no safety net or parachute. Except you’re in open waters with a 1,000-pound shark.

Educating Others on Tiger Sharks

What Munoz does is a passion and you can tell by the work he puts out. If he didn’t have a true love for sharks and aquatic life, he wouldn’t be floating in the water inches from a tiger shark. What he’s got going on is pretty cool and definitely Outsider-approved! All of his work goes into educating others, he says.

I also want to educate and show others that sharks aren’t scary monsters.

“I love diving with sharks. It’s a very calm yet focused environment when you share space with these animals.”

Above all else, Munoz says “It’s important to be respectful of these animals.”

It has to be a calming environment, take one wrong move and you’re going to end up spooking one of the most feared predators in the world. Munoz is going to keep doing what he does, and hopefully, we’ll see more of his work in the future. Besides, I’d rather him do it than me or anyone else. He seems to know what he’s doing out there, doesn’t he?