DNR Solves Mystery of Bizarre Black Cat Sighting in Northern Michigan

by Megan Molseed
dnr-solves-mystery- bizarre-black-cat-sighting

Recently, some photos that seemed to suggest a large black cat believed to be a dark-colored mountain lion was roaming a northern Michigan neighborhood surfaced. These pics led to multiple confusions as experts began to try and determine what kind of a big black cat appears in the images.

There are about three species of large wildcats native to Michigan. These species include the bobcat, the mountain lion, and the lynx. And, the experts note, there have been no confirmed cases of a black mountain lion – also known as a puma – in the state. However, a mountain lion can appear to be a shade of grey. A color that could give off the look of a black coat in certain lighting conditions.

Because of this, experts were stumped by the photo, initially. The pic left officials wondering if the image shows a light-colored mountain lion in an area. Only the lighting could make it appear black. Or, did a puma make its way to the Great Lake State?

Well, it seems that neither one of those options bring us the real answer. In fact, the answer is much more simple. But a little more bizarre.

DNR Officials Note Black Cat Sighting Is Of A “Normal Sized Black Cat”

After closer inspection of the intriguing pics, the area DNR officials have declared that the feline captured in the images is a “normal sized” black cat.

The sighting occurred last month. After snapping the curious pic the photographer forwarded the image to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

One California Mountain Lion Seeks A Spot On A Youth Football Team

This bizarre sighting may have ended up being a fluke as a regular-sized black cat gave Michigan residents a brief scare. However, the real deal is certainly a possibility. This is evidenced by a recent event as an outdoor video clip shares a tense moment as a mountain lion tries to step into a youth football tournament.

Thankfully, this curious cat was early to the game. And a situation that could have been very dangerous was largely avoided. No spectators had arrived yet at the time the mountain lion was spotted at the California sports facility.

So, with little panic or imminent danger to the public officials were able to properly handle the situation. Long before the football game started later that day.

When officials encounter a creature such as this one roaming in neighborhoods the goal is to first try and stop the unexpected visitor using tranquilizers. However, deadly force will be used if the animal shows aggression when the officials try to tranquilize the mountain lion.