Doctors Find Horrifying 4-Foot Snake Inside Woman’s Throat: VIDEO

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

An incredibly disturbing video of doctors pulling out a 4-foot snake from a woman’s throat has just resurfaced, and—unsurprisingly—Twitter users are grossed out.

The video shows a woman laying on the operating table, clearly incapacitated. Then, we see doctors sticking a long tube down her throat, only to pull up a snake that had been inside of her.

The doctors verbally react to the snake, gasping as they can’t believe what they’ve just pulled out the woman.

Plenty of people wondered how exactly the snake wound up in her stomach in the first place.

However, according to the Daily Mail UK, the serpent wiggled itself down the woman’s esophagus as she slept, and she never noticed.

The incident was first reported in 2020. The UK outlet claims a Russian woman in the Republic of Dagestan began feeling sick, so she visited her local doctor.

Once she arrived at the hospital, employees then placed her under general anesthesia to investigate further. And it goes without saying that the team of medical professionals were stunned by what they found. The video, which can be seen below, shows the doctors appearing horrified as they retrieve the reptile from the woman’s throat.

Doctors Horrified as They Remove a Snake from Woman’s Mouth

The doctors squirm when the wriggling reptile is revealed. Once the snake had been removed from the woman’s mouth, it was dropped into a bowl. We couldn’t exactly tell whether the snake is still alive, although the reaction of the medical professionals suggest it may have been.

The identify of the patient was not released, and no outlets could confirm the exact species of the snake. However, it’s certainly not unheard of for these creatures to slither into the mouths of sleeping locals.

In tweets from November 12, some users argued that it wasn’t a snake, but a parasite. Others wondered how the woman stayed sleeping throughout the encounter. “This is crazy. I wonder how someone could sleep so [deeply] and a snake gets into your mouth. A 4-[foot] snake [and] still you couldn’t wake till it was completely in your stomach? Common? That’s crazy,” one person tweeted.

Some users tried to discern what the reptile actually was or whether it was a snake. Then, others tried to figure out how it could’ve worked its way into someone’s mouth.

“Yeah, looks too flat to be a snake,” one user wrote. “But if a person was super passed out drunk, I bet a certain size of snake could sneak in there. I don’t know what type of outcome would come of it, as it would more likely crawl into your lungs, [I] assume.”

The status of the patient wasn’t released, although the video was recorded in 2020.