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Dog Jumps Behind Wheel of Jeep, Crashes It Into Parked Car: VIDEO

by Brett Stayton
(Photo by: Catherine Ledner/Getty Images)

There is that old adage about not being able to look away from a car wreck. Usually, it’s not for a funny reason though. In this case, it is though. Footage from overseas in Gronant Village, Wales captured the hilarious moment where a dog jumped behind the wheel of a jeep and crashed it into a neighbor’s parked car.

The video was recorded by a security camera on Shaun Waller’s house at around 9:30 am on December 1st. The dog can be seen hopping into the driver’s seat of the SUV, knocking it out of the parking gear, and causing it to start rolling down the driveway. The owner of the border collie and the Jeep  “sh*t’ and ‘no, no, no” before chasing after the runaway ride.

A hilarious video from Now This News was recently posted on social media, and the Daily Mail had more details about the story. The clip from Now This hilarious compares the situation to footage of dogs attempting to drive in Hollywood movies. It also likens the incident to the iconic children’s book Go, Dog. Go!

Neighbor Couldn’t Help But Laugh As Dog Crashes Jeep Into His Parked Car

The owner of the parked car said he heard a loud noise outside while working from home. When he went to check it out, he noticed his neighbor’s Jeep had collided with his parked car. He was initially frustrated by his neighbor’s mishap. Then he soon rolled the footage from the security camera and realized that his neighbor wasn’t behind the wheel. Her dog was.

 ‘I work from home and I was working as normal when I heard some commotion going on outside. Then I looked out the window and saw my neighbor’s car had rolled down their driveway and jack-knifed into my car,” he said.

“I went outside and spoke to my neighbor. She said the dog had jumped into the car in the driver’s seat and knocked the car out of gear. I checked the footage and realized you could see the dog in the driver’s seat. It caused a lot of rear damage to my car. The rear quarter was damaged and it was pushed into the wall. I just hope the dog is a named driver, but if the car insurance won’t do it then the pet insurance might. Me and my partner were in hysterics laughing – it’s an old car so we weren’t too bothered about the damage.”

An Attempt At Teaching Dogs To Drive

The idea of a dog successfully operating a motor vehicle isn’t all that crazy. Back in 2012, a pair of highly educated dogs in New Zealand were actually trained to successfully drive modified cars around a race track. The canines learned how to turn the key, maneuver the steering wheels, hit the pedals, and even shift specialized doggy gears.