Drunk Man Lucky to Be Alive After Getting Strangled by Massive Python in Viral Video

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Mark Kostich

One Indian man is thanking his lucky stars after barely escaping a python’s deadly coil. According to reports, the man had been drinking before he decided to gamble his life by messing with the dangerous reptile. 

Currently, footage of his near-death experience is making its rounds on the internet. The horrifying incident occurred after the man, Birjalal Ram, came across an unidentified serpent while fishing in Parihara Panchayat, in Jharkhand, per reports. 

After the man got a look at the constrictor, the angler, who was reportedly intoxicated at the time, decided to foolishly pick it up and put it around his neck— like he was wearing a feather boa.

That’s when his living boa decided to teach the man a lesson and tightened its grip around his neck. Immediately, the man sobered up and started screaming for help from his 14-year-old son, Nitish, and his friends, who watched in horror. 

In the clip, viewers see Ram’s neck and head nightmarishly wrapped by the reptile. His son and his buddies do their best to yank the serpent off him. Then, Ram falls into a nearby river with the python still enswathed on his throat.

His friends try several more times to free the man from the snake’s death grip but aren’t successful. After a 20-minute back-and-forth, Nitish was finally able to save his father, who emerged from the ordeal with only minor injuries.

As for playing with snakes, we have good reason to suspect Ram won’t be toying around with snakes any time soon. Regardless, the snake-attack survivor owes his son and friends his life. 

Monster python horrifically attacks and swallows grandmother

He also got out better than another unlucky soul. Last month, a 2-foot-long reticulated monster python swallowed a grandmother in Indonesia — with a horrific video capturing the moment her remains were found inside the creature.

Police told reporters that they launched a search after the victim, identified as Jahrah, 54, never came home from collecting rubber from a plantation on Sunday.

Her husband looked in the area but only found his wife’s sandals, jacket, headscarf, and knife.

The next day, he returned to the area with a search party. But then, his nightmare became a reality when he stumbled across the giant snake with a swollen midsection. Upon inspection, it appeared to have snacked on something abnormally large. 

The video shows a volunteer using a branch to hold the snake’s head down as others cut into the snake. The disturbing clip then cut to villagers carefully slicing it open. Inside, officials say they found the swallowed body of the missing grandma.

“Everyone was astonished,” Anto, the head of the local Terjun Gajah village, said.  “It turned out that the woman we were looking for was in the snake’s stomach.”

The snake likely bit the woman and then wrapped itself around her before suffocating her.