Eel Attacks, Latches on to Woman’s Arm as She Tries to Recover Her Phone: VIDEO

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Losing your phone can be a real pain but there’s one worse than that and it happens to involve an eel for this poor woman. She gets all rattled when taking a dive into the water for her cell phone. It apparently fell into some water and she was looking to retrieve it.

One thing we think that she did not expect to happen is that an eel would approach her. Well, he not only approached her. The eel would clamp down on the sleeve of her jacket. She pulled away and can be heard audibly screaming on the viral video.

When you get attacked by an eel, then you have to take matters into your own hands. Look at how she quickly gets to her feet. The eel is dangling in the air before she shakes it free from her jacket. The woman was spending some quality time, shall we say, trying to recover her phone. Everything plays out before your eyes right here.

Eel Scares The Heck Out Of This Young Woman

What we don’t know is whether or not she reaches back into the water. Maybe one encounter with an eel was enough for her to call it a day. Does she risk getting attacked again by an eel or not? We don’t know. But the poor lady still does not have her phone. That is a big bummer. Who knows?

Maybe what she does is get a replacement phone and let that one stay in the water. She visibly shakes her sleeve in the video. That probably was enough movement to get that animal away from her. The man who filmed this encounter said that she was his sister. Man, talk about brotherly love here! He obviously was not impressed with seeing his sister battle the eel. It’s not every day that you will see this type of thing play out before your eyes. All of this action takes place, according to the video, in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Let’s talk about her strategy a little bit. Obviously, she wanted to get her phone back. But was reaching in with her own hand a good idea? Maybe she could have gotten a stick or some other contraption to help her out. Anything but reaching in the water with her bare hand. It almost looks like her attempt to save the phone was a good idea. That is until the eel decides to take a bite out of her jacket. Well, here’s to you not having the same problem happen to you if your cell phone goes into the water.