Elk Absolutely Will Not Leave Lumberjack With Chainsaw Alone in Viral Video

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Harry Collins

We’ve seen a lot of bizarre things go on when it comes to wildlife here at Outsider. However, an elk bugging a man while cutting wood down with a chainsaw to get head pets may take the cake. If you can’t believe what you just read, check out this viral video from LADbible Australia. The video starts out with the animal standing next to the man as he works to cut through a log.

Although you would think the noise would scare the creature away, this elk could care less. Instead, the beast stands next to the man, patiently waiting for his attention. At one point, the elk goes down on the ground and extends her head towards the man’s hands like she’s asking for a head pat in the same way your golden retriever would. As a result, this became one of the oddest videos we’ve seen.

It also makes us wonder how conditioned the elk is to humans. It makes us ask, did humans raise the creature? Or is it just bizarrely tame? Either way, this is one odd elk. Most elk keep to themselves and have no problems charging or even goring humans if they get too close.

Never a dull moment when it comes to human-elk interactions

If there’s one thing that we consistently see here at Outsider, it’s that there is no shortage of stupidity when humans come in contact with wildlife.

As we’ve seen repeatedly, ignorant people will consistently brush off warnings from wildlife without a thought, as made clear by a compilation of videos showing moronic tourists and their close encounters with the animal. Recently, a Colorado resident created the YouTube account known as the Colorado Wildlife & Adventure Videos, which captured a compilation from Estes Park.

In one clip from the compilation, an older man gets charged by an elk after he tries to get its photo. In another one, a tourist stooped down on the grass for a photo near a group of elk lying around a tree.

There’s also a moment where a man seems to have a staring contest with a bull elk next to an entryway to a building. Another clip shows a mom and toddler feet away from a bull elk resting its head on the ground and looking at them. One shot also shows a woman trying to get a photo with an elk walking by.

With tourists’ stupidity in places like this and national parks, it’s amazing that elk don’t hurt more people.

Although we say this countless times, it bears repeating: always keep your distance when around elk. However, this applies to all wild animals, not just elk. There is plenty of footage to be found online that proves that wild animals have no qualms about going after you if they feel threatened.