Elk Eats Rabbit in Wildly Bizarre Scene Caught on Camera: VIDEO

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: SeanXu

Elk are incredible, giant beasts. They may not look it, but they’re primarily herbivores. They munch on green grass, plants, shrubs, and the tips of branches to help them grow.

According to Colorado Parks & Wildlife, their habitat and the season will determine what they eat. They also tend to pack 24 pounds a day. However, an elk will feast on something outside their diet every now and then. For instance, we recently came across an elk feasting on a rabbit.

In a YouTube video, viewers can see an elk chomping down on the unlucky rabbit. The account known as Animal Kingdom posted the shocking video, which is definitely worth a click.

Before you can see what’s exactly going on, the elk is standing in the shrubs, chewing away, and when he turns his head slightly you see something wild. At this point, you can see a rabbit dangling from the elk’s mouth.

Viewers can see the rabbit kicking and flailing its limbs, trying to escape the animal’s mouth. However, the elk seems unphased.

In fact, the elk seems more interested in the person filming him than getting kicked in the throat by the rabbit. Then, the elk drops the rabbit into the bushes, and the video ends. However, the video left many wondering if the elk ever finished off the tiny creature or if it moved on to another area.

Online users marvel at elk ‘playing’ with its food in video

One person couldn’t help but marvel at how downright funny the video was, even though the rabbit probably had other feelings. However, they wanted to know what exactly happened by the end of the clip. Another wrote, “Wondering the same thing. Why does the video stop before we get to see if the elk is actually going to eat the rabbit or simply just walk away?”

Another wrote, “Is it playing with it?” The clip certainly gives that indication, though another commenter’s solution may be more telling.

They wrote, “Maybe it’s trying to break its legs so it can’t escape.” That seems like a reasonable answer. However, most of us still wonder about the realization that sometimes these creatures eat meat.

But it might not be uncommon for elk and deer to eat meat in some parts of the country. Another commenter pointed out, “Here in Texas (I) have seen deer eating fresh meat as well as rotting carcasses.”

While they’re considered mostly herbivores, the animals have been known to munch on antlers, bones, birth byproducts, and even eggs to supplement their diet.

For instance, in 2003, ecologists studying sage grouse in Wyoming used remote-sensing cameras to document predation. One image captured a bull elk eating eggs out of the nest.