Elk Gets Bra Stuck in Its Antlers, Instagram Goes Buck Wild With Jokes: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard

You really couldn’t write this any better. Usually reserved for taxidermied elk in frat houses, this was in the great outdoors for all to see. An elk with a bra stuck on its antlers. I mean, it might be low-brow humor, but it’s still hilarious and no one is going to be able to tell me different. Sometimes, national parks are full of great sights and sounds, but this takes the cake.

As campers and visitors to the unnamed park in the video got up for the morning, the wildlife was getting up and at em as well. Trying to get a good meal and get that rumen going. I’m not sure if the elk walked through someone’s clothesline, or found someone taking an early morning bath, but it found itself in quite a mess. Check out the video below.

When real life is far funnier than parody you just have to embrace it and pull out the video camera or phone. The fact that the elk doesn’t even mind having the bra on its antlers just adds to the hilarity. After a while, I’m sure that the animal was able to shake off the underwear and keep on going about his day.

As the elk start to go into rut, you never know what you might see. He was just looking for his next girlfriend.

Really, this is one of the nicer interactions that someone has had with an elk on camera. These beasts are not to be messed with, but that doesn’t stop tourists and visitors to national parks around the country. Folks can get themselves into trouble when they think that wildlife are like the cute animals and pets they have at home.

Tourists at Yellowstone National Park learn that the hard way time and time again.

Elk Gets Mad at Tourists, Park Rangers Get Involved

This isn’t something you should expect to happen if you go messing with animals at a national park. However, there was a group of tourists that made one bull elk mad. Like, really really mad. A family, despite the signs warning to stay back 75 feet, got themselves into a situation that almost turned for the worst.

Park rangers had to get involved and stand between the elk and the family. They had a small child with them, and the animal seemed very interested in going after them. People watched as it went on, and after honking and yelling – rangers had to act. Standing defiantly between the elk and the people in danger, the rangers did what they do best.

When you see people do things like this, it makes you shake your head. Getting hurt is just one second away. That elk decides to charge and things are pretty much all over at that point. What’s worse is that if an elk does get violent, it could be hurt or killed.

Thankfully, all ended well with the family getting away from the area after rangers took control. Just leave the elk alone.