Elk Tries to Bulldoze Park Ranger’s Vehicle With Full-Speed Charge: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott

We’ve officially entered the elk rutting season in Yellowstone National Park and while it’s usually park rangers rescuing ridiculously bold tourists from charging animals, sometimes, even the National Park Service’s best are unable to avoid an angry bull. The video below shows just one of those instances as a passing park ranger’s vehicle meets the might of one bull elk’s massive antlers. Check it out.

Fired up in a full charge, the elk launches itself at the vehicle, though fortunately, just clips the side door before the ranger goes on about his day. His reaction after the fact makes the encounter even more comical, with the dust settling around its hooves as he gazes after his unaffected target.

Viewers, taking to the comments section, had some hysterical reactions upon watching the clip.

“Have fun trying to explain those dents to the shift supervisor,” one follower quipped. Another added, “Elk 1 – Park Ranger 0.”

The above clip comes at peak rut season, which typically runs through September and October, though it can begin as early as August. And with North American bull elk often battling, sometimes to the death, over potential mates, any kind of challenger—whether that be a car, human, or animal—is at risk of getting mauled. So, if you’ve planned your visit to Yellowstone National Park to coincide with elk rutting season, be sure to remain extra cautious around these wildly beautiful, though immensely powerful, beasts.

Bull Elk Eats Dirt Chasing Cow Tail During Rut Season

Love makes us do some pretty crazy things and, amid peak rut season, one poor bull elk literally ate dirt while chasing some highly desirable cow tail. Check out this fellow’s unfortunate dive below.

Far from our Yellowstone charging elk, this Utah bull took quite a tumble after jumping what appears to be a pretty undaunting fence while pursuing a female elk. The fall, completely captured on video, sees the moment that the typically-majestic animal loses its footing and faceplant in the dirt. Rolling down the little hill, the animal quite literally goes tail over teacups.

In a rather dramatic turn of events, the elk rolls out onto the side of the road before wrenching itself back up into a standing position. Bewildered, the antler-crowned beast reestablishes its surroundings and gathers himself before much more agilely jumping over the next fence.

What makes this clip even more hysterical than the animal’s confused gaze is that, in the chaos of his fall, he never once noticed Biologist Brian Maxfield in his truck nearby. To us humans, more than anything, this hysterical encounter serves as another prime reminder to always pay attention to your surroundings.