Emu Models Dolly Parton’s New Pet Clothing Line in Viral TikTok

by Caitlin Berard

As August came to a close, Dolly Parton made a major announcement. No, it wasn’t a new movie (though she does have one of those on the way). It wasn’t new music (but there is an unreleased single coming out next month). And it wasn’t a new addition to her beloved theme park, Dollywood… That said, you guessed it, they’re unveiling a new roller coaster next year. Dolly’s a busy lady, okay?

No, the country icon hit us with a gift we didn’t know we needed but that instantly went to the top of wishlists across the country: a clothing line for dogs. Best of all, a portion of the proceeds benefits Willa B Farms animal rescue.

The line, aptly named Doggy Parton, includes apparel, accessories, toys, and other pet supplies, all with that signature Dolly Parton flair.

Everything from t-shirts to bandanas to Dolly wigs is available for purchase from the Doggy Parton collection, and it’s already a major hit. Animal lovers everywhere have already bought an item or two for their beloved pet, including TikTok user Useless Farm, who took to the app to share her purchases.

“When I tell you that I ran to my computer when I saw that Dolly Parton had released an animal clothing line,” she said. While she’s talking, there appears to be a dog in the background, so one would assume that he or she would be the model, right? Wrong.

Emu Owner Dresses Her Birds in Dolly Parton Fashion

In the next shot, the TikTok user explained that she bought the Doggy Parton items with her own money. As such, she promised an honest review…while holding a hissing emu at bay. She then showed her emus sporting pink Dolly Parton cowboy hats, t-shirts, and, of course, the iconic Dolly wigs.

“It’s gonna be 10s across the board from us,” the emu owner said, adding “not Karen,” while reaching out an arm to hold back a hissing Karen once again. Yes, the emu’s name is Karen. And she was the only one who refused her stunning Dolly outfit.


Doggy Parton – no notes

♬ original sound – Useless Farm

“The durability left a little bit to be desired,” the Useless Farm owner admitted. “But I feel like their target market was probably those little white dogs with the crusty eyes. Not a 200-pound emu.”

“150, sorry,” she added as Karen attempted a third attack.

The comments of the post are absolutely filled with users fawning over the fashionable emus. “This is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” one user wrote. “Stanley’s ready to be working 9-5,” another said about Karen’s much calmer sibling. “The wig made me fall out of bed,” laughed a third.