Enormous Elk Nearly Gores Idiot Photographer Running Full Speed: VIDEO

by Taylor Cunningham
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A recent video of several photographers getting ridiculously close to a bull elk once again proves that some people have no concept of how dangerous and unpredictable wild animals can be.

TouronsOfYellowstone posted the clip on Instagram today (Oct. 9) that shows at least four people holding cameras while standing only a few feet from an elk and its harem. And one of the people nearly paid a heavy price for making the obvious misstep.

The footage shows female elk and their calves grazing in a grassy area near a river. As the people encroach on the animals’ space, the bull appears distressed. It makes a few calls and walks between two men—who aren’t reading the warning signs—and studies them.

The videographer stands far back from the scene and comments about the audacity of the photographers and seems to know that an attack is imminent. Eventually, the bull proves him right by charging the person standing closest to the harem. It takes the man a second to realize what’s happening, but when he does, he takes off running and just barely misses a painful goring. Though, it looks like the elk did manage to knick his backside.

A Colorado Golfer Nearly Lost His Life to a Bull Elk Goring

Bull elk are massive animals that can grow as tall as 5 feet from the shoulders and measure a length of 8 feet. They also grow as heavy as 700 pounds, and they’re topped with sharp antlers to boot. They don’t typically seek to injure humans, but if they feel threatened, they will attack. And during mating season, which runs from mid-September to Mid-October, they tend to be more aggressive than usual.

The National Park Service has issued countless warnings about the dangers of bull elk. Nonetheless, hundreds of parkgoers fail to heed those warnings. And in some cases, they suffer more than embarrassment like the man above.

In 2020, a golfer was nearly killed when he was playing in Evergreen, Colorado. The course is known for its wandering elk. And on one particular day, Zak Bornhoft was out for a round when he heard that several elk were standing nearby. So he decided to drive his golf cart over for a closer look.

When Bornhoff neared a bull, it charged him and pierced him in the stomach. Its antler went all the way through his body and sliced his left kidney in two.

“The doctor told me three inches either way we wouldn’t be sitting here,” his wife Megan told Fox31. “He said it would have been better to have been stabbed with a knife because of the dirt on the elk antlers.”