Family Catches Bear Breaking Into Car, Stealing Bag of Popcorn on Tennessee Vacation

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Friso Gentsch/picture alliance via Getty Images)

One family found themselves facing an “insane” situation recently as a hungry bear broke into their vehicle looking for goodies during a vacation to a Tennessee getaway. The bear found its way into the car sniffing out some popcorn while the Pinnix family looked on, shocked by what they were seeing.

It Wasn’t A Squirrel Making That Noise!

According to one of the family members, Teniesh Pinnix, they were all shocked to see the bear breaking into the vehicle. They also learned some valuable lessons on how to prevent invasions such as this one in the future. According to reports, Pinnix was outside on the porch of the Gatlinburg, Tennessee cabin when she heard some strange sounds coming from the bushes.

“I thought to myself, ‘I know that ain’t no squirrel making no noise like that,’” Pinnix recalls of the encounter.

“I looked over, and I thought, ‘Oh Lord, it’s a bear,’” she adds. Pinnix recalls being “shocked” by the sight. However, she was thinking quickly on her feet as she pulled out her phone to get a video of the unexpected visitor.

Then, the bear did something unexpected. It sauntered over to the North Carolina family’s four vehicles and pulled on the door handles, hoping to find a way into one of the cars.

This Bear Has The Entire Process Down – In And Out Of The Cars In Just Seconds

In the video, we see that the bear was able to climb into one of the unlocked vehicles and climb inside. Here, the animal found a delicious bag of popcorn, grabbed it, and climbed out of the vehicle within 20 seconds.

Pinnix adds that this wasn’t the hungry animals’ only break-in that day. The bear had gotten into another vehicle, swiping a bag of chips earlier that day.

The family relates that this situation is a hilarious one. However, it also left them with some very valuable lessons. From now on, the North Carolina family will make sure to keep food locked away. So the bears won’t be tempted by delicious smells. Additionally, Pinnix adds, it’s important that food not be left in the cars. From now on, they won’t be leaving any snacks, behind at all.

“Don’t go leaving anything in your car,” she says. Even in the video, we can hear how shocked she was about this unusual encounter as she keeps commenting on how “insane” the entire situation is.

“I’m from Caswell County, and there are some strange animals out there,” Pinnix says. “But I have never seen a bear.”