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Farmer Captures Footage of Rare Yellow Albino Turtle: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ Weber)

Recently, video landed on the internet showing a very rare, and very adorable turtle. According to reports, a photographer has been documenting the discovery of this impressive wild animal after a farmer found the rare creature hanging out in the field.

New Footage Documents The Gorgeous Albino Turtle

The wild video clip show off the yellow turtle that was rescued recently. The Indian photographer who took the footage of the animal wanted to document the amazing find. Especially after the animal just appeared in the wild. With a farmer discovering the unique flap-shell turtle in a paddy field.

In a recent Twitter post, we see a clip of the rare yellow turtle. It’s an absolutely adorable video set to a beautiful melody. The turtle is looking around at the camera. Giving a look as if to say “hey, what’s going on here?”

“An Indian photographer captured footage of a rare yellow albino turtle,” the post notes. “The images were captured by Sanjay Kamila after a farmer discovered the monochromatic Indian flapshell turtle in a paddy field.”

Beach Goer Discovers Massive Snapper In Wisconsin

A Wisconsin beachgoer stumbled upon a rare sight recently while taking a dip in northern Wisconsin’s Sand Lake. According to a video shared on social media the body of an enormous snapping turtle had washed up along the shore. The turtle was so big that it barely fit on the back of an ATV.

Of course, this unusual find inspired many onlookers to not only snap pics but also share the find with other visitors on the beach. Then, notes the social media post, one of the onlookers scooped the animal up on a piece of cardboard and then onto the back of a recreational vehicle to admire the size of the behemoth animal.

“Look what we found washed up on our beach,” notes a post shared on Facebook.

“Happy I didn’t meet up with it when I was swimming!” the Facebook user quips.

The person sharing the pics later returned to the post in order to clarify that neither she nor the other members of her group had a hand in the snapping turtle’s death. The animal had been dead for some time the original poster explains.

“It’s important that everyone know we did not harm this turtle,” the Facebook user shares in an update. “It was found washed up on our beach, obviously dead, with a decaying stench.”