Farmer Dies In Bizarre Accident After Swallowing Fish Bone

by Emily Morgan

A farmer has tragically died after he swallowed a half-inch-long fish bone. According to reports, it pierced his intestine when he ate the bone. As a result, this led to his tragic demise.

A case report detailing the bizarre accident was later published in the “International Journal of Surgery Case Reports.”

According to reports, after three days of intense abdominal pain, vomiting, constipation, and a distended stomach, the 60-year-old man checked himself into a hospital. However, it was sadly too late.

After doctors examined him, they suspected he was suffering from septic shock. As a result, they rushed him to intensive care, where scans showed that his abdomen was quickly filling with fluid.

Doctors suspect the man was suffering from sepsis

Doctors later confirmed that his kidneys had stopped working, which is a possible sign of sepsis. Once someone is diagnosed with sepsis, their immune system attacks its own organs.

Later, surgeons performed a two-hour operation which revealed a small hole in his intestine, which doctors discovered was the result of the man eating an 0.8-inch-long fishbone. Yet, the man didn’t recall eating the long shard.

Regardless, the bone fragment had reportedly punctured his bowel, causing fecal matter to leak and infect his abdominal wall. As a result, the intestine grew in size while pus surrounded the hole.

In a last-ditch effort to save the farmer, doctors sliced a 3.9-inch segment of his intestine. Then, they drained the hole, hoping to reattach the bowel after they removed the infection.

Despite their best efforts, sadly, the man couldn’t be saved. According to the reports, he “passed away following cardiac arrest” just eight hours after he walked into the emergency room.

According to the study’s authors, fish bones are the leading cause of “gastrointestinal perforations.”

“In regions where fish is a staple food, fish bones are not uncommon culprits of FBs [ingested foreign bodies],” the case report revealed. “The jagged, sharp nature of fish bones makes them more prone to inflict mucosal injuries and subsequent perforations.”

In a sad yet similar incident last year, a Dutch man choked to death after swallowing his car keys while on vacation in Spain. Sadly, when he went into a supermarket to beg for help, no one could understand what he was saying, and he died.

According to news reports, the 37-year-old man entered the store in Barcelona at about 10:15 p.m. on Aug. 5. He was reportedly “in an evident state of excitement and causing altercations.”

Once police arrived on the scene, they tried to resuscitate him before while medical professionals were on the way. They then discovered that he had the keys in his throat. Paramedics removed the keys and rushed him to a hospital, where he died the next day.