Fearless Alaskan Fends Off Charging Moose in Wild Video

by Sean Griffin

December 1, 2020 may feel like a lifetime ago, but we’re sure David DeVine remembers it like it was yesterday. On that day, he fended off a charging moose in Anchorage, Alaska and luckily avoided injury.

DeVine was out for an evening stroll with another person in Anchorage when they encountered a large moose in the road. The pair waited for the moose to wander off, but the moose stood its ground.

Eventually, needing to pass, DeVine and his partner decide to walk around the road in the deep snow to avoid the moose. As DeVine’s back is turned, the moose slowly creeps toward the pair. Then, it charges. However, DeVine quickly jumps out of the way and turns toward the moose, scaring it off.

The moose careens away from the two pedestrians and scurries toward the woods, disappearing from the frame.

One person videoed the incident from a truck behind the moose. They pulled up to the couple and congratulated them on the wild encounter. The couple can be heard laughing in the background.

“Good job, man,” he told the man who scared off the huge animal.

You can watch the viral encounter here below.

Moose Charges Man, Sends Him Climbing Up a Tree for Safety

In this viral video posted to YouTube, a bull moose makes a beeline for a tourist and nearly gets trampled or gored. However, the man thinks of climbing a nearby tree, and this saves him from any harm the moose would’ve caused.

At first, the man seems to be at a safe distance, videoing two bull moose running in a field from about fifty yards away. However, very quickly, the situation becomes much more serious. The moose suddenly reverses its course and starts heading straight toward the man videoing.

Oftentimes, moose will run toward an object to get a closer look, but they won’t always be friendly. The person filming realizes this and quickly springs into action. He turns around and starts to climb a tree. The camera becomes shaky for a few moments, and then we see the man has made it safely to higher ground. The two beasts cut in and out of frame, but it seems they walk away eventually.

Many YouTube users commented on the encounter, voicing their thoughts on how the man handled the situation. “Idk why he waited so long my a** woulda started climbing as soon as I saw them face me,” one user wrote.

Other users commented about how quickly the situation turned from seemingly benign to life-threatening in a matter of seconds.

“S*** got real in matter of seconds,” one said. Another wrote: “Bro realized he was boutta get sent to the gulag in a span of 5 seconds.”