Female Paddleboarder Caught in Awkward Position in Viral Google Street View Photo

by Emily Morgan

People virtually exploring the Balearic Islands on Google Street View had to do a double-take after they stumbled upon a paddleboarder in a pretzel-like position.

The female paddleboarder appeared upside down in the beachside scene on the Spanish island.

According to reports from The Sun, Google Street View captured the images at a beach, along the east coast of the island. The pics later posted on Reddit show the paddleboarder in a compromising position.

Instead of paddling around like most people, the woman decided to take the opportunity to have a yoga session. She even tried out her headstand positions on the paddleboard.

Dog stuns viewers with paddleboard tricks

However, eagle-eyed viewers quickly shifted their attention to another individual in the pics. As it turns out, a second image shows someone’s dog also trying out the paddleboard, much to the amusement of viewers and onlookers.

“Wait a minute is that a dog on a surfboard in the distance?” one user asked online. Another user was impressed at the woman’s balancing ability on the moving board. “I was like, is that woman doing a headstand on a paddle board in the crystalline waters off the coast of Spain?” a stunned Reddit user wrote.

Additionally, this isn’t the first time Google Street View has caught people in precarious positions. Earlier this year, viewers spotted a couple doing the deed by the side of a highway.

Reportedly, a Google Street View van took the explicit snaps. It captured the pics on Dukes Highway outside the Australian town of Keith. The town is halfway between Adelaide and Melbourne.

Google Street View rolls out new time travel feature

While you may be accustomed to checking out addresses and locations via Google Street View, you can now use it as your own personal time machine.

Previously, Google Street View was used to travel to iconic destinations virtually. With this, you could scope out an area you’re interested in visiting.

To mark its 15th birthday Street View recently rolled out the “time travel feature.”

As if the new feature wasn’t already advanced, Google is now providing users with a unique opportunity to go back in time.

As it turns out, users can go back decades in some areas. In addition, you can now access historical photos on both the web and Google Maps mobile apps.

Previously, the feature was only available on desktops, to IOS and Android smartphones.

Before, users were limited to just Google Street View. While it’s still a valuable tool that allows you to see panoramic views of streets, it wasn’t anything like this new feature.

If you’ve ever used the tool to view your own home, you know that Google updates these photos regularly.