Fisherman Fires Warning Shot Inches From Charging Momma Bear Protecting Her Cubs: WATCH

by Megan Molseed

Some fisherman got a major scare recently when an overly protective momma bear decided to charge in an effort to protect her little cubs from a perceived threat.

Sure, anytime one sets out for a day of fishing they expect to see the sights of the area. From local plantlife to the wildlife that lives – or plays – along the water’s edge. And, this is exactly what a boat full of fishermen was enjoying recently as a viral video shows a trio of young cubs playing along the grassy shore of a river.

However, things soon got very frightening for the fishermen. We soon learn that momma bear was not fond of these humans watching her cubs as they frolicked in and out of the water. Thankfully the men were prepared, ready to stand up to the protective momma bear as she charged the boat.

Little Grizzly Bear Cubs Are Having A Ball On The Water’s Edge…But Momma Is ALWAYS Close By

As the viral TikTok video begins, we see three juvenile bear cubs as they play along the edge of a river’s bank. The video is being recorded by fishermen on a boat that is floating past.

The young grizzly cubs are adorable as they play. Running in and out of the trees and bushes lining the river’s edge. Jumping in and out of the water as they play. The fishermen are getting the sight on video as they silently float by the wiggly young cubs. But, things are about to get really tense on the water as the momma grizzly is keeping close tabs on her young. Thankfully the fishermen were well prepared, ready to fire a warning shot to send momma on her way.

@concrete_swerv Fishermen shoots a WARNING ⚠️ shot inches away from a momma bear who felt the need to protect her cubs #grizzly #bear #bearcubs #cubs #warningshot #fishermen #fishing #river #woods #boating ♬ original sound – TheReal_Anel

About 15 seconds into the 47-second-long video, we hear the fishermen try and shoo the young bears along. Likely, they know full well that momma is close by, watching the visitors float past her playful cubs. And, their fears proved to be correct just a second later as, in the blink of an eye, momma is in the water…charging at the men on the water.

It’s a moment that makes a viewer jump as they watch the clip. Even if they are expecting momma to emerge. Thankfully, however, the men were quick on their toes. Firing a warning shot at the charging grizzly, sending her back onto land with her cubs.

The Momma Grizzly Steps Away, Running Back Into The Woods With Her Cubs

As the fishermen fire the warning shot, the momma bear turns away quickly. She turns back towards the fishermen briefly before finally deciding to retreat. Her cubs are just ahead of their momma, running deep into the trees.

“I would’ve had to shoot her on the next one,” one of the men says in the clip as they try to retrieve a paddle that no doubt fell overboard in the commotion.

“She was p***ed,” another one of the fishermen exclaims. Thankfully they were all on their toes, well aware that even a sight as adorable as the playful cubs means a protective momma is not far behind!