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Fisherman Hooks Completely Transparent Sea Creature, Internet Thinks It’s an ‘Alien’: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed
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(Getty Images/ seksan Mongkhonkhamsao)

Sure, we know that the sea is full of some very strange creatures. Many are predictable sights for longtime anglers while others still leave us scratching our heads wondering “what in the world – or otherworld – is this?” It is the latter type of creature that one fisherman caught recently as they pulled in a transparent bug-like sea animal. And now the internet is commenting on the unusual catch, wondering what kind of “alien” catch this actually is!

This Transparent Sea Creature Has Us All Wondering: Where Did This Little Guy Come From?

In a recent Twitter post, we see a wiggly sea creature being held by a fisherman after a recent catch. The creature is extremely unique as it is completely transparent … like, absolutely see-through. It has a body that makes us think of either a big bug such as a beetle bug or even of a shrimp or crawfish. However, the coloring, or lack thereof, is certainly confusing us as we try and figure out what it is we are looking at.

In the video, an angler is holding the strange creature as it wiggles in the dry air. Text overlayed over the clip reads “tell me this is not an alien” with a large squid emoji sitting underneath.

Twitter Users Have A Lot Of Thoughts On This Unusual Sea Creature

Of course, the world of Twitter has a lot of thoughts on what this unique animal actually is. Some commenters note that this unusual sea creature brings to mind an oldie but a goodie – those tiny sea monkeys we all used to love when we were growing up. Of course, this one would be many, many, many times bigger than those little creatures.

Another Twitter user is quite blunt with their thoughts on the strange animal commenting simply, “put it back.” Another commenter wonders if the odd creature isn’t “forbidden Jello.”

“I know an alien when I see one,” another commenter in the post quips. It certainly has an alien-like quality to it, that’s for sure!

Has The Mystery Been Solved?

Another Twitter user posts a detailed explanation as to what this very strange bug-like creature could be. According to the post, this unusual sea animal is a Cystisoma. A Cystisoma, the post notes, is “a crustacean that lives between 600-1000 m deep in the ocean. Its body is totally transparent: only its eyes are pigmented. This one has a brooding pouch full of orange eggs.”