Florida Farm Owner Shares Amazing Update on Emmanuel the Viral Emu

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Larry Williams/Getty Images)

Taylor Blake, part of Knuckle Bump Farms, has shared some good news about her famous emu Emmanuel. The big bird recently came down with avian flu, which ripped through Knuckle Bump Farms in South Florida and killed 99% of the birds there. Blake explained earlier that she lost every chicken and duck on the farm, as well as many geese, turkeys, and swans.

She also shared that her beloved emu, Emmanuel, had contracted avian influenza and was fighting for his life. She even sent a message to Bindi Irwin on Twitter asking for help.

Recently though, Blake shared that Emmanuel has made a miraculous recovery! “Emmanuel Todd Lopez tested negative for Avian Influenza at 2 separate labs, swab, fecal and blood,” she wrote on social media. “He doesn’t have the virus, and is not actively shedding the virus. God is good! Thank you for the prayers, the kind words, and the support. Always trust your intuition!”

She also wrote a post from Emmanuel’s point of view alongside a photo of the recovering emu. “I’m getting stronger each day, friends!” Blake wrote. “I am now able to lift myself up and reposition myself on my own. This is a BIG step because before, I would just fall over. My neck is starting to straighten out and I am drinking lots of water on my own! Thank you for the prayers!”

South Florida Farm Reaches Out to the Irwin Family Amid Bird Flu Outbreak

Taylor Blake reached out to Bindi Irwin on Twitter when Emmanuel first came down with avian influenza. She explained at the time that wild Egyptian geese had flown onto her farm and spread the avian flu. She took the time to process and grieve her lost birds, and then Emmanuel got sick, and she knew she had to do something to save him.

Blake had her vet look at Emmanuel, but needed an avian specialist. She and her girlfriend were treating Emmanuel around the clock, she said, and then she reached out to the Irwin family.

“I have been a fan of your family for as long as I can remember,” Blake wrote on Twitter. “I am reaching out to you in total desperation right now. I need help saving my emu, Emmanuel. I will pay to fly anyone to us, if they can help, no questions asked.”

Bindi Irwin responded, but many people on social media slammed her response and called it unhelpful. Bindi claimed they didn’t have the resources to treat an emu with avian influenza, “though our Wildlife Hospital […] has treated over 100,000 animals, including emus […],” she wrote.

“Our hearts are with you and we appreciate that you care so deeply and have such compassion for darling Emmanuel,” Bindi continued. Although Twitter users didn’t particularly like Bindi’s response, Blake responded sincerely.

“Thank you so much for taking the time to write this, Bindi,” Blake tweeted. “Your response alone means more than you know. Please send my love to your family!”

Emmanuel the Emu Makes a Miraculous Recovery, Will Hopefully Be Back to His Old Ways Soon

Taylor Blake runs Knuckle Bump Farms, and she and the animals feature heavily on the farm’s social media. The Instagram description for the farm reads, “A small hobby farm in South Florida full of animals who absolutely despise education, and have a thirst for mayhem.” Which is pretty spot on, especially in Emmanuel’s case.

The emu is known for knocking over Blake’s camera while filming TikToks. He became an overnight sensation, and the internet loves him. Here’s hoping Emmanuel continues to recover and is back to his old tricks soon.