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Florida Man Completely Botches Proposal by Dropping Ring Into Water, Dives in to Get It

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Peter Cade via Getty Images)

The first recorded marriage ceremony dates all the way back to 2350 B.C. Mesopotamia. A man and woman vowed to share a life, a sun-dried mud hut, and their bread, beer, and pigeon stew for the rest of their days. In the millennia since, humans have continued to pair off in lifelong commitments, the practice slowly evolving into the institution of marriage we know today.

Over time, the general concept of marriage has remained largely the same. The pageantry surrounding the events leading up to it, however, has increased exponentially. From skywriting to scuba diving to dancing carrots, one does not simply walk into an engagement. No, modern-day proposals require a bit of creativity. But for one Florida man, his creative proposal backfired in such spectacular fashion that it almost cost him a multi-thousand dollar ring.

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It’s 2022 – so, of course, every moment of the Florida man’s botched proposal was caught on video. The groom-to-be then shared the video on TikTok for the world’s amusement. At least he has a sense of humor about it.

In the video, he and his lady love stand on the bow of a small boat at sunset. The scene that unfolds from there is both heartwarming and absolutely hilarious. The man reaches into his pocket. The woman covers her mouth in exuberant surprise. A friend tosses rose petals at the couple. And…yep, the ring slips from the man’s hand, falling right into the Gulf.

You have to hand it to him, though. Without hesitation, the Florida man dives straight into the ocean after the ring, continuing his proposal after successfully retrieving it. Thankfully, his efforts weren’t for nothing. He’s now a happily engaged man.

Florida Man Explains His Hilariously Botched Proposal

In a subsequent interview, Scott Clyne, the unfortunate Florida man whose proposal has now racked up millions of views on TikTok, explained how a romantic sunset cruise devolved into a near-disastrous evening. According to him, it was all because of a too-tight shorts pocket.

“I had the ring in my back pocket,” Clyne told the New York Post. “And when I went to reach for it, the corner of the ring box got caught on the top of my pocket and slipped out of my hands. “Everything was an absolute blur from that point on! All I remember thinking was this can’t be happening! And next thing I knew, I was in the water.”

For Scott Clyne, rescuing the ring was worth a face-first dip in the chilly ocean water. “I didn’t hesitate to jump in because I envisioned it sinking quickly and I wasn’t taking a chance,” he said. “I saw it bounce off the deck and hit the water. Thankfully it floated for a split second, giving me the chance to grab it as I dove in.”

When it was all said and done, the Florida man’s proposal might not have lived up to the fantasy, but it’s certainly an evening the couple will never forget.