Florida Woman Saved by Two Dogs, Cyclist in Bear Attack

by Will Shepard

On Christmas Eve morning, a woman was attacked by a black bear in Collier County, Florida. The Florida woman says that two dogs and a bicyclist rescued her from the bear.

The Florida woman was walking her two dogs, one who is actually named Bear, when they ran into a black bear near a creek. She says that a passing cyclist saw what was happening and intervened.

It was late morning when she finally stopped shaking from the attack. The Florida woman’s two terriers were on their leashes when she saw two bear cubs. Immediately she knew that meant the mother was nearby. Even though she tried to run away, the bear caught them

“It wasn’t until probably 11:30, 12 o’clock that I stopped shaking. Because it was that trauma, ‘I can’t believe this just happened.’ I only made it 20, 30 paces. [Bear] turned around and starts going back toward the cubs. I turned around and realized that the mama bear was coming after us.”

Florida Woman’s Ferocious Dogs

The Florida woman’s two dogs are Westland Terriers, and she actually shows them in dog shows. However, they put up a fierce fight regardless of their size.

“So, here you’ve got an 18-pound terrier who’s going to defend his master against a 400-pound bear.”

The attack was over in 15 minutes, but during the interaction, both dogs attacked the bear. But, interestingly enough, it was her dog Bear, that defended her the most. She describes the attack vividly.

“[Bear] went into her belly and bit her belly and started attacking her, so she came after him. She, on all fours, picked him up in her mouth and drove him to the ground, then bit him.”

The Florida woman was helplessly trying to get her dogs away from the bear. But, her other terrier came into the fight then, biting at the bear’s back legs and belly.

“The bear was up on her hind legs, and so [Robin] ran into her legs and bit her belly. I started punching her, and she, distracted, looked at me. It was just a fight or flight, and it just kicked in, and it was just my own mom bear came out like, “Not on my shift. You’re not taking my dog away.'”

Finally, after a little while, the injured dogs ran off. But the bear was not done yet and kept on coming after her. Even though the dogs were gone, the Florida woman was still trying to save her own life.

“So, now the bear only has one person to go after, and it’s me. I would back up five paces and move forward a little bit, punching at her. She just didn’t stop.”

A Passing Cyclist

Thankfully, a passing cyclist came to the rescue. The biker began yelling at the bear, and with two grown adults yelling at the bear, it finally left. She says that without the help of the biker, she might have been done for.

“If it weren’t for the biker, I don’t know what the outcome would’ve been. They’re just heroes; if it weren’t for him responding, the bear would’ve come up behind us and taken one or all of us out.”

Despite being saved from the bear, her dogs had a few injuries. But, luckily, none of the injuries are serious, and the dogs will be alright.

[H/T Wink News]