Ford Bronco Starts Wilderness Initiative, Pledges to Plant 1 Million Trees by End of 2021

by Jon D. B.

Ford promises that a portion of every sale for their 2021 Ford Bronco Sport will go toward their Wilderness Initiative, funding both preservation and education programs.

Outdoorsmen have always found plenty to love in the Ford Bronco. Now, Ford is returning the love with their huge wilderness Initiative: the Bronco Wild Fund. The fund will debut alongside the “epic return” of the legendary SUV.

The iconic vehicle manufacturer aims to raise upward of $5 million every year for outdoor adventure scholarships. They’ll do so through partnerships with two key non-profits through the initiative. Moreover, Ford pledges to help these non-profit partners fund reforestation after the worst year of wildfires in U.S. history.

“At Ford, this is our mission to empower our organization, our dealer network and our communities to connect people to the outdoors, responsibly. It’s about access and preservation,” the brand begins on their Ford Bronco website.

Ford is “inspired by the epic return of the legendary Ford Bronco SUV,” the brand adds. “We want to encourage people to go deeper into the outdoors. And motivate them to actively protect and enhance our public lands.”

As a direct result of the devastation North America faces from these record wildfires, and the initiative itself, Ford pledges to plant 1 million trees by the end of the Bronco’s return year: 2021.

Ford Partners with National Forest Foundation & Outward Bound USA for Bronco Wild Fund

Ford aims to attain such huge goals through some pretty incredible partnerships.

The Bronco Wild Fund‘s motto is to dream big and reach far, the company totes. As such, they’re “teaming up with the most esteemed, experienced programs to help make our journey into the wilderness as rich and rewarding as possible.” Those organizations are none other than America’s esteemed National Forest Foundation, and Outward Bound USA, the country’s leader in outdoors education provider for youths & adults.


For those unfamiliar, The National Forest Foundation “leads conservation efforts and promotes responsible recreation in areas that cover more than 193 million acres of public land.”

According to the NFF themselves, “The foundation’s mission is to sustain the health, diversity and productivity of this acreage – with a current campaign to plant 50 million trees. And the Bronco Wild Fund will pitch in with both financial support and actual get our-hands-dirty tree planting along with other stewardship work.”


As for Outward Bound, the education outreach giant “challenges students to push their limits to extremes. To work diligently with others. And, ultimately, to reach goals they never thought they could achieve. From backpacking and climbing to rafting, canoeing, sailing and dogsledding, Outward Bound is the leading provider of outdoor education programs for youth and adults.”

Backing the Ford Bronco Wild Fund with the clout these two brands carry is sure to bolster their wilderness initiative to fruitful heights. One such benefit of the latter partnership will be the issuing of scholarships for students “from across the United States”.

Ford’s “Backing Will Help Restore Forests Damaged by Severe Wildfires”

As for those 1 million trees, the National Forest Foundation is confident that Ford will put their money – and the 2021 Bronco – where their mouth is.

To this end, NFF’s CEO, Mary Mitsos, says that being backed by such a lucrative brand “will help restore forests damaged by severe wildfires.” Furthermore, they aim to “help protect our nation’s water supply, air quality and sequestering carbon.”

In addition, Mitsos sees the alliance as one that will “also help people reconnect with the wild in a responsible manner to encourage stewardship of our public lands. As well as help protect America’s national forest resources.”

Ford will also contribute $50,000 to create “Bronco-inspired backcountry expeditions to provide access to outdoor learning experiences,” the manufacturer promises. These excursions will take place under the guidance of Outward Bound. Ford also clarifies they have dedicated $250,000 for the Bronco Wild Fund’s scholarships with OB.

As for the Ford Bronco itself, the manufacturer says that demand for the outdoors model’s return is “overwhelming.”

The two-door base model sits at just under $30,000, while the four-door begins at $34,695.

For those looking for a deal, however, the Bronco Sport will be their cheapest option at around $28,000.

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