WATCH: Ford Bronco Stuck on Maine Sandbar Becomes Huge Party Sensation for a Weekend

by Amy Myers

As the saying goes, when life gives you a trapped SUV on a popular Maine shoreline, make a three-day beach party of out it… Or something like that.

Back in April, some unlucky (or maybe just inexperienced) soul drove their Ford Bronco down to the water at Bar Harbor in Maine’s Acadia National Park. That was all fine and well when it was low tide, but once the water began to rise, the driver realized the difficult predicament they created. At first, folks tried to tow the SUV out of the water, but after several attempts, it was clear this was a job for professionals.

Thankfully, Greg Canders with Canders Diving Services and Island Towing owner Lester Foss were soon on the scene and decided to fix quite a few flotation devices around the vehicle until they could try towing it again at low tide.

“Never had to float one before. Usually, we can get them out without floating, but this is very unique, and it’s going to sit there until low tide,” Foss said.

Ultimately, this made it seem like the waterlogged car was lounging on a bunch of oversized couch cushions. But that actually fit the vibe on the national park beach.

Maine Tourists Create Playlist for Car Recovery Efforts

As Canders and his company worked to remove the vehicle from Maine’s waters, folks began to gather on the sand to watch.

“This is one of the very biggest ones I’ve seen. Yesterday, there was probably 200 people were lined up on the beach over here,” Foss said.

Pretty soon, the rescue had become the center of entertainment for a giant beach party at Maine’s Bar Harbor.

“We came down to see if we could maybe walk across to Bar Island and get an understanding of the tides and all that. We came down and saw a party started,” Delaware resident Thomas Cooper told WABI.

Then came the music.

One “Bronco Rescue” watcher decided to elect himself the unofficial event’s music director. Gary Allen (no relation to the country star) wanted to put a positive spin on the driver’s rough situation and even created a Spotify playlist called the “BH BRONCO RESCUE.”

“Life is pretty serious a lot, and smiling and laughing is way better than crying,” Allen said. “I think that you don’t want to make fun of other people’s misfortune; however, don’t drive where you shouldn’t be, and then this won’t happen.”

And his plan worked.

“The Beach Boys are playing, and I wanted to start dancing on the way in,” Canders said. “I thought that was really cool. It’s a beautiful day. It’s springtime. Everybody’s happy to be outside, so it just added to everybody’s success here today. It was great to see everybody out.”