Fox News Reporter Carries Elderly Man to Safety While Reporting on Hurricane Ian: WATCH

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Fox News reporter Steve Harrigan offered a helping hand to an elderly man in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Harrigan would take the man from a boat onto dry land. The reporter, according to The Hill, did this bit of support work on Friday. This elderly man was rescued from flooding from a boat that was taking him through the storm’s waters. Harrigan said that this rescue effort was a “mish-mash” between government workers and even volunteers in the area.

“Everyone’s just sort of pitching in to try and get people out of the water,” Harrigan said as part of his Hurricane Ian report for Fox News’ show The Story. The program actually ran a video of him carrying the man. If you want to check out Harrigan’s video, then you can go here. It shows the reporter walking into the water. The boat stopped and he put the man over his shoulder. Then, he walked him to dry land.

Hurricane Ian Leads People To Offer Their Support

Harrigan also added that a lot of people in the damaged area might not walk too well. But he expressed hope that someone would help his mother if she needed it in her life. The reporter also mentioned that one man was using a jet ski to get people out of the water. Harrigan noted that he has rescued approximately 20 people. Meanwhile, the reporter covering Hurricane Ian briefly spoke to a couple of men. They were driving a vehicle that could travel on water and rescue people. The men would tell Harrigan that they were just looking to “do whatever we can.”

Harrigan said in his Hurricane Ian report, “We see a jet ski and we see a raft coming in as Florida mobilizing all its multi-faceted vehicles to rescue people from the water.” Hurricane Ian would make landfall in Florida. It was a Category 4 storm with maximum sustained winds of more than 150 miles per hour. Intense flooding took place. As of now, more than 25 people have died from the storm.

Ian would cut a diagonal swath across Florida after hitting land. The storm then headed back out over the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This allowed it to strengthen some again. On Friday, Ian, which wound itself back into Category 1 hurricane status, hit the Carolinas. Some people in the state of South Carolina lost power. Reports indicated that individuals who had hotspots used them for their purposes. Video evidence would indicate that a pier in South Carolina was smashed to bits when Ian struck. People remain in need of help and support after Hurricane Ian struck Florida, too.