Fox Trapped in Apartment Destroys ‘Almost Everything’: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed

Recently, residents at one London apartment building began to hear strange noises coming from an empty apartment. And, it didn’t take long for the people in the building to realize from where these strange noises were coming. No … it wasn’t a ghost prepping for Halloween. Instead, these strange sounds were coming from a sly fox who had broken into the empty residence, taking a break from the great outdoors.

Residents In A London Apartment Building Catch A Glimpse Of The Uninvited Tenant

After hearing strange sounds for a while, the residents at the local apartment building began peaking into the apartment trying to figure out just what was going on, per The Dodo. After all, the residence has been empty for some time now. Soon, however, it became clear who was causing the mysterious commotion as neighbors began to see flashes of fur through the apartment’s windows.

Neighbors soon figured out that a sneaky fox had moved into the apartment unannounced. And now, it was trapped inside the vacant apartment. Initially, the residents tried to rescue the fox on their own. However, they did not have any luck with these efforts. So they quickly contacted the local RSPCA to help.

“We spoke to the estate agents, who went into the property and found her running riot in the flat,” notes Jade Guthrie who works as an animal rescue officer with the RSPCA.

“She’d managed to destroy almost everything!” Guthrie continues in the recently released statement. “She made a dash for it when they went into the flat.”

The Sneaky Fox Was Able To Find A Way In … However, Finding A Way Out Wasn’t So Easy!

No one is quite sure how the sly fox found its way into the apartment. However, it’s clear that she was trapped in the apartment for several days. So, however she got in wasn’t a way out, it seems. But, escape was clearly on the fox’s mind as the animal destroyed many areas of the apartment trying to find a way out.

“She had destroyed the blinds trying to scratch her way out,” Guthrie reports.

The fox was eager to exit the apartment, no doubt. However, when the people showed up to help rescue the uninvited apartment guest, the fox wasn’t so sure about the company. After searching for the animal Guthrie found her curled up in the attic. Perhaps the fox was taking advantage of the last few moments in the temporary home?

“I opened the doors leading down to the garden and corralled her down the stairs,” Guthrie says.

“And she darted off into the undergrowth,” Guthrie continues in the statement. “No worse for wear thankfully.”