French Tourist With No Bear Spray Comes Across Grizzly Bear in Glacier National Park

by Taylor Cunningham
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While taking a scenic hike in Montana’s Glacier National Park, a French tourist came upon a grizzly bear—and he was not carrying bear spray. He survived, and the animal never became aggressive, thanks to a stroke of luck.

The tourist was originally braving the trail alone. But luckily for him, three more hikers walked up behind him just before the situation turned ugly. And they were well-versed in how to deal with grizzlies.

During the tense moments before the massive animal walked away, one of the joining hikers managed to pull out their camera and record the encounter. The Weather Channel shared the content on its page as a reminder to always be prepared while exploring trails known for bears.

In the footage, we can see the grizzly casually ambling along a gravel path. And its eyes are locked on the people. The hikers slowly walk backward and remain calm so as to not aggravate the animal.

The incident happened on September 10, 2022, on the Grinnell Glacier trail. The man was standing close to the bear as a man, woman, and their daughter approached.

The family spoke loudly to make their presence known as a way of convincing the bear to leave. But because there was no clearing, the animal continued on toward the people.

Hiker Who Encountered Grizzly Bear Hopes the Video Reminds People to Be Prepared

When there was finally a break in the heavy brush lining the path, the animal took its chance and walked away. Fortunately, the grizzly never came too close, so they didn’t have to use the spray. However, there is no saying that the bear wouldn’t have attacked the original man had he remained alone.

The man was thankful for his saviors and spent the remainder of his hike by their side, just in case another grizzly decided to cross his path.

The family admitted that they considered using the spray even though the bear never showed signs of agression. But they were scared that if they had, the grizzly could have felt threatened and angry. And because the tourist was closer to it, he couldn’t have gotten hurt in a burst of outrage.

Either way, the story is a reminder that it’s always best to hike in groups. And always carry spray while exploring bear country.

The National Park Service also adds that should you come face to face with a grizzly or any other type of bear, never run away. You should always back away slowly, just as the people in the video did. And never look it directly in the eye. Also, talking quietly helps the bear see you as non-threatening.