Frog Patiently Waits for Lizard to Get Close Before Leaping Into a Huge Meal: VIDEO

by Joe Rutland

It is dinner time for a frog, and this dude is definitely lining up a lizard for meal time, but he’s awfully patient in this viral video. You can see the frog sitting and waiting. He’s simply looking for some food. Well, a lizard makes his way down. We don’t know if the lizard even paid attention to the frog. But the lizard’s fate would soon come to pass. That frog snapped up the lizard, then fell to the ground. We last see the frog simply holding the lizard in his mouth. Maybe he’s taking his time to have dinner. This video has it all for you to see for yourself.

Frogs usually find life out among the trees and other wildlife spots. What in the world would lead it to be right against a house? You could even hear people in the video interested in what’s happening here. A frog is right up against a sliding window. It looks like a kitchen is on the other side. You can see a sink and faucet right there. That’s pretty wild to notice how many elements are involved here. All to keep up with this animal getting some dinner. At least the microwave, if there’s one inside the kitchen, didn’t need to be used. We will presume there is one.

Leaf Frog Manages To Camouflage Itself

Meanwhile, let’s turn our attention to another type of frog. These leaf frogs happen to be able to camouflage themselves. They would look like leaves of trees, where they happen to live. The animals have an amazing ability to change how they look. That’s especially true of these leaf frogs. Seeing them go through this process is something you don’t see all the time. So when you get a chance to see it, then it will make people go “ooh” and “ahh” online. What do these animals end up doing? You see them on the video look like they are on leaves. Then, they take on the color of those leaves. In fact, the person who posted the video captioned it “Leaf me alone.” That’s a pretty funny pun to make.

What else might be worthy of learning about a frog? We get a little help from PBS. Well, there are more than 5,000 different species of known frogs. Additionally, scientists will continue to discover new species of these animals. And these animals always come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Also, these animals happen to be amphibians, making them cold-blooded vertebrates. They have backbones but no scales. Finally, if you didn’t know, then there is no difference between frogs and toads. Both are included in the word “frog” itself.