Giant 140-Lb Boar Swims Onto Beach, Sends Tourists Running

by Emily Morgan

Tourists were stunned after they watched a 140lb wild boar appear on a Spanish beach. While beachgoers were enjoying their day, it took a left turn when they saw a wild boar swimming and running amuck at the Costa del Sol beach.

The mighty beast, believed to be around three years old, raced around the sandy beach last week at a beach in Spain. Tourists and locals alike were terrified as the giant boar swam toward the shore and approached the beachgoers. One person was overheard yelling in Spanish, “Watch out, it’s coming out of the water.”

Thankfully, the pig bypassed an elderly couple and a young woman as it rampaged up the beach before vanishing behind the sand.

Later, animal control officials and police began hunting for the wild boar, which they called the “wild boar shark.” They also warned people who encountered the uncontrollable runaway animal to “stay still and not harass it” for their safety.

Jose Antonio Villodres, who was involved in hunting the boar, told a local reporter he hasn’t tracked it down but has “identified the path it’s taking.”

He also encouraged nearby sunbathers not to approach it if it returned to the beach. “It has very sharp fangs, and although it doesn’t attack, it could do you a lot of damage just by grazing you,” he said.

Villodres also said the pig could return to the area within 48 hours to seek shelter from the ongoing drought. The area’s recent droughts and scorching temperatures have affected its habitat in Spain.

Animal control authorities were set to use tranquilizer darts to subdue the boar if it was spotted again. They also planned to transfer it safely inland to the mountains and away from the crowds in the area.

Wild boar in nearby area goes after elderly woman

Fortunately, the wild boar injured no one. But, sadly, that wasn’t the case when a 67-year-old female sunbather was bitten by a boar on a nearby beach.

The tragic incident happened on June 2 after the disorientated animal ran out of the sea. Once on land, it attacked the woman as lifeguards sounded the alarm.

Medical officials claimed the woman’s injuries might have been caused when the wild boar charged her. It also slammed into her, sinking its teeth into her skin.

Before the incident, boat crews had spotted the animal swimming in the water. They later alerted lifeguards on the beach as it began to head for the shoreline. They were unsuccessful in their attempts to capture it.

It’s believed to have come from the nearby Serra Gelada Natural Park, which consists of over 5,000 acres of coastline in Spain. Currently, it’s unclear how the boar found itself in the water.