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Giant 200-Pound Bluefin Tuna Caught Off Coast of San Francisco in Wild Video

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ FishingPhotog)

Some determined anglers pulled in a massive catch recently, scoring a huge bluefin tuna off the coast of San Francisco. A moment that one of the anglers in the group defines as “one of the most epic experiences.”

When 30-year-old San Jose California resident Adam Irino and three of his buddies hit the waters recently they had no idea how memorable the trip would be. During this expedition, the group landed a giant bluefin tuna. This massive fish measured over five feet long and clocked in at over 200 pounds.

“I have never seen a fish that big in my life,” Irino recalls in a recent interview.

“I was in awe of the size of such a massive fish,” the angler relates. “I did not expect it to be that big.”

It Took 35 Minutes To Reel In The Massive Fish

When the massive bluefin tuna latched onto the bait during the fishing expedition last month, each member of the group took turns at the reel. They wanted to make sure everyone pitched in pulling in the 200-pound beast however, an exhausted fisherman can end up losing a catch such as this one after a while. After 35 minutes, however, the group was finally ready to pull the giant tuna aboard the boat.

“The fish was very powerful,” Irino says.

“Almost pulling me in,” he adds. “And it took three of us to lift it into the boat.”

The group took their big fish into the harbor, weighing the catch before dividing it up for each member of the group to enjoy. There was enough bluefin tuna to go around and some members of the group plan on sharing the meat with friends and family as well.

“It was just an insane experience,” the 30-year-old fisherman says.

“One that I definitely will never forget,” he adds.

“Just the sheer power of that fish,” Irino relates. “The effort it took to not only find the fish but also to fight it and land it.” The fisherman adds that the biggest fish he has caught before this fishing trip was a sturgeon that weighed about 30 pounds.

“This just blew that fish out of the water,” the angler says.

“I didn’t catch it personally, it was more of a team thing,” he adds. “but the sheer difference in size—200 pounds versus 30 pounds—was a crazy jump for me.”